Wawushan in winter, a secret realm of ice and snow

If you can't go to the north, there is also the ice and snow world we are looking forward to in the south. The rime, ice waterfall, forest sea, and snow field of Wawushan in winter are all so beautiful that they are indescribable, just like a real version of the ice and snow fairy tale world. 🗺️Wawushan Located in Sheting Village, Wawushan Town, Hongya County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, covering an area of 1.05 million mu, about 200 kilometers away from Chengdu. It is known as the 'world of water, world of caves, kingdom of flowers, cradle of snow, hometown of clouds, museum of animals and plants', hiding countless wonders. It is also known as the 'world table mountain' and 'ice and snow Wawushan'. Wawushan has beautiful scenery in all four seasons, and it has always been famous for enjoying mountain flowers in spring, mountain water in summer, red leaves in autumn, and ice hanging in winter. The winter scenery of Wawushan is even more beautiful, with ice waterfalls, ice curtains, snow and rime everywhere. You can see ice lakes, sea of clouds and sunrise in the high mountain area, encounter squirrels and red pandas, watch birds and enjoy flying waterfalls and ice streams in the low mountain area. It is definitely a must-visit place for snow viewing, snow playing, and skiing in winter, and it is also suitable for parent-child travel. ✅ 1️⃣The travel process is relatively easy, there is no need to climb hills and mountains, there are two cable cars directly up to the cloud plank road. Even if you bring children, there will be no burden, remember to buy snow play tools at the foot of the mountain, such as snowboards, snow shovels, snow clips, etc. Snowboards can pull bags, pull girlfriends, pull children, and play all the way down, easy and fun 2️⃣The snow quality here in winter is very good, the snow scene is super beautiful, the eyes are silver-clad, the rime and fir on the mountain are extremely beautiful, wearing Hanfu strolling on the wooden plank road covered by snow, beautiful like a poem and painting. There is a small boat by the mandarin duck lake on the top of the mountain, be sure to go and freeze the beautiful moment 3️⃣For pure sightseeing, go to Lanxi Waterfall to see the crystal clear ice waterfall, go to Rhododendron Garden and Xiang'er Manor to see the beautiful sea of clouds, check in at Mandarin Duck Pool to see the frozen alpine lake, the snow is white, the glow is everywhere, the poolside thousand-year-old Jun wood carving is lifelike, the incense is very prosperous, full of dreamy fun, it is called a unique feature of Wawushan. Watch Gongga Snow Mountain in Yunya Illusion, accompanied by rime and fir all the way. 4️⃣Wawushan has many ice and snow theme parks suitable for children to play, with mature basic facilities, especially suitable for parent-child travel. After all, besides having fun, safety, convenience, and comfort are also considerations for parent-child travel. Here you can see giant ice sculptures, experience snowball fights, build snowmen, check in at Mushroom Town and other activities. ⏰Best travel time: beautiful in all seasons, different scenery. 🕰️Best snow viewing time: mid-December to the end of February next year 🚗Transportation 1️⃣It is recommended to drive by yourself/charter a car, navigate to Wawushan Scenic Area. It takes about 3.5 hours to depart from Chengdu. 2️⃣You can also find a good travel agency to join a group tour, which is worry-free and convenient. ⚠️The validity period of Wawushan ticket is 2 natural days, the day of visit is the first natural day, the second day can be exempted from the ticket and the ID card can be swiped for the second entry, the validity period of the cable car is the first natural day, valid on the day of visit.
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Posted: Jan 28, 2024
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