The setting sun of the tile house recalls the guest house|Family members, live in the dream love room!

|Family members, live in the dream love room!. During this holiday, my friends and I came to the Tile House Setting Sun·Recalling Guest House, feeling like stepping into a place of poetry and distance. It is located in the green mountains and rivers, revealing a quiet and warm atmosphere. As soon as the door is opened, I am instantly attracted by the atmosphere of this place. Here are the tranquil lake view, private hot springs, and comfortable accommodation environment, as well as the wooden house slide parent-child room prepared for the children, which is definitely a paradise for children, every child can't put it down!! The facilities in the room are of very high quality, soft beds, complete bathroom supplies, floor-to-ceiling viewing terrace, private hot spring and other facilities, the happiness of staying in is really up~~ Soak in a bath every night, you can soak away the fatigue of the day. The one-to-one service of the housekeeper makes me feel very intimate, they are like family members, ready to help you at any time. When checking in, a delicate afternoon tea will be given as a gift, and it is really super comfortable to watch the scenery and eat afternoon tea. The surrounding environment is also quite pleasant. There are rich attractions and various outdoor activities nearby, and you can enjoy the local customs with your family and friends. This winter, bring your family or friends to the Tile House Setting Sun·Recalling Guest House for a warm holiday! Here is not only beautiful scenery and food, but also the warmth and joy of home! Guest house: Tile House Setting Sun·Recalling Guest House Address: No. 118 Yanu Road, Wawu Mountain Town, Hongya
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Posted: Jan 29, 2024
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