Stay in the Zen hotel at the foot of Mount Emei

Environment: The hotel is designed with Zen style, creating 11 room types with 110 rooms. The rooms are spacious and bright with separate dry and wet areas. Each room has a view of the beautiful scenery in the mountains. The rooms are equipped with Zen clothes, and there are also scripture copying buckets on the desks. Here, you can completely calm down. Paradise: The hotel has its own children's paradise. There are various entertainment projects in the paradise, various rich and interesting intellectual games, various area games, decorated with environmentally friendly materials, soft packages, and net designs, protecting the safety of children and reassuring parents. Soup Pool: The hotel not only has a health soup pool but also an indoor swimming pool. The soup pool is built against the mountain wall, like an infinity hot spring, which is very photogenic. The swimming pool is also constant temperature, very suitable for children to play in. Food: The dining area is also a scenic line, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the beautiful scenery outside the hall, there are many types of food, not only let the taste buds enjoy, but also enjoy the vision. The hotel has several home-cooked food restaurants, all of which order meals based on the fresh vegetables of the day. The taste is still good, and it feels quite ecological when you eat it!
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Posted: Feb 1, 2024
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Near Qiliping Qili Town|Linggongli/Qiliping, Hongya
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