Wawushan Snow Walking Diary (with guide)

❄️The snow-covered Wawushan is so beautiful The southern little potato can't play enough · 🚗Depart from Chengdu for a 3h treasure snow walking journey⛄️ 🚶Tour tips: Take the cable car🚡 twice directly to the top of the mountain🗻 to start playing ⚠️The second cable car is on the Gufo Ping cableway, no need to get off halfway🚠 ⭕️The top of the mountain is a loop, you can play to the left🫲 or to the right🫱 Right loop: Wawu Xiantai Zhuoshan Cloud Road👉Mandarin Duck Pool👉Taiqing Palace👉Azalea Garden👉Downhill Cableway Left loop: Azalea Garden👉Deadwood Path👉Mandarin Duck Pool👉Taiqing Palace👉Downhill Cableway Taiqing Palace is newly built, you can go and see~ There is no sightseeing car when it snows, you need to walk all the way🚶 Photo📷 spots: Walking on the plank road, there is snow on the trees and the ground❄️, super good shot! Gag out of the picture! 👗Dressing tips: Gloves, hats, scarves🧣 It is recommended to choose some blue, white, red, black elements Warm and out of the picture
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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