In Meishan!! Encountered sea of clouds, rime

Two-day and one-night tour of Wawushan👐 Day1: Depart from Chengdu by self-driving, check in at Yanu Lake for Tengjiao fish, it's too numb, stay in a homestay in the town at night🏠The room is very large, with floor heating and air conditioning all are self-energy, the landlady is very enthusiastic and gave us two pots of tea, her home coffee is freshly ground for those who like it, there are many places to eat around. The key point is that you can set off fireworks, feeling the atmosphere of the New Year😝 Day2: Enter the park before 8 o'clock, due to the pig teammates really dragged down the small team entered the park at 9 o'clock, except for the Golden Flower Bridge cable car queue is a bit long, the rest are all smooth without queuing. It is recommended to bring your own convenience food, too few to eat in the scenic area! Hot water is available everywhere, and there are also Shuyi and coffee houses. 🖇Only a snowy winter is perfect
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Posted: Feb 19, 2024
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