Prepare a small car~ It takes about 4 hours by car from Guangzhou to Huizhou. High-speed fee 190 oil fee 200 In fact, the split of 4 people is still very cost-effective. Prepare a foreigner, this big c is the props No foreigners can actually make a European or American makeup or some island skirt clothes~ It is rarely seen in Guangzhou~ So you can buy fireworks in Huizhou when you can buy it. After all, foreign countries are also free! Package a fishing boat, the family went fishing. Directly go to the fishing boat to bargain, our family chartered boat is 700 yuan 2 hours, but also contains the fish back fishing ~ fishing in the Maldives is also the case is not it? ? The Maldives with the same paragraph can also snorkel, to the Xiaoshan Mountain, is also 700 blocks for 2 hours, including the coach personally to teach you snorkeling and sneak into the clownfish Eat a seafood, here is where the people in the coastal shops are going to go! Its all cheap to eat seafood thieves, 4 green vegetables, 4 seafood per capita are around 60~ 4 to 5 people, the average lay down journey will not exceed 1000 per hurry in a sunshine A bright non-weekend brings your family from the car to avoid the peak period, feel the Maldives with the sea ~
Posted: Sep 27, 2019
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He also recommended to you a good place around Guangzhou for weekend trips. I have always loved to go to Huizhou to play in the sand and watch the sea. If I drive for more than 2 hours, I can relax from the bustling city to the seaside. Recently I found a private island in Tsuen Wan and I recommend it to you. . There is a homestay on the island called [Island], there are 12 sand houses, each with a private outdoor large bathtub. The door that pushes open the floor-to-ceiling windows is directly the beach and the sea. Soak in the bathtub and watch the sea drink afternoon tea. Because it is a private island, there are very few tourists, and the vacation is not afraid of being disturbed. . Price: 1880 Includes speedboat for two people entering and leaving the island, breakfast, self-drive parking fee. . Transportation: To locate the Huizhou Financial Street Yacht Club, the hotel will arrange a speedboat to pick up. It will take you to the island in 3-5 minutes. . Dining: I heard that I invited the chef from the Marriott Hotel and the product was great. As a tourist traveler, I have lived in so many places and stayed in so many homestays. I have not eaten a better breakfast!! Very rich, healthy and fit, the plate is exquisite and beautiful, and the taste is great. Especially the seafood cream pumpkin paste that night, I will never forget. Stayed for two nights, the next morning the purple potato porridge was amazing. Breakfast was eaten in a pavilion, facing the sea as shown in the picture, and the mood for breakfast here is doubled. There are also restaurants and some snacks on the island of , and the price is similar to that of the scenic spot. One of the nights, I ordered a double beach seafood dinner at 880 in the homestay. I produced a fine Western food, which was not produced by the chef. The environment is also very feeling, the beach candlelight dinner, romantic and comfortable