Jizhou's stunningly beautiful vintage inn | Great value for money!

| Great value for money!. This design inn hidden in the ancient city of Luoyuyang Town, Jizhou County is really eye-catching✨. The classic vintage decoration, full of atmosphere, every design is particularly careful, you must not miss it when you come to Tianjin to play!! Inn: Meijing Yichu Courtyard Address: Room 102, Building 1, No. 78, Lanwan Manor, Yuyang Town, Jizhou District 🌟 As soon as you enter the inn, you will be attracted by the unique vintage decoration. The layout is very exquisite, with bright and simple tones as the main 🎨, smooth lines and special design sense, very photogenic!! 🏠 The room is clean and tidy, the design is vintage and elegant, every detail is carefully designed, each room has its own unique style, the large windows allow you to see the beautiful scenery outside 🍃, it feels like people have relaxed. ⛺ High configuration facilities add a lot of points!! The inn has a separate bathroom, with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel carefully selected by the boss, pure cotton towels, bath towels, etc., and a separate kitchen 🍢, so that interested friends can show their skills. 🚗 The location is also very convenient, the inn is located in Yuyang Town, very close to various attractions, you can quickly reach by taxi or driving by yourself. ✨ The boss is also very hospitable, the service is particularly thoughtful, and will patiently share travel strategies. Friends who want to take pictures 📷 or come to Tianjin to play must try!
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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