Gandhi Ramadhan
Gandhi Ramadhan

Kyoto (Fushimi Inari)

Kyoto never stops fascinating visitors with the extraordinary townscape with beautiful shrines and temples. It used to be an ancient capital of Japan until Tokyo took over its place and became the largest center of economy and politics. Walking around the scenic town will take you to world-famous historic sites such as Arashiyama, a peaceful area known for the stunning bamboo grove. Kiyomizudera is a sacred Buddhist temple designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Another highlight you should not miss is Fushimi Inari a Shinto shrine situated at the base of Mt. Inari. The scenic shrine is visited by numerous tourists from around the world as the most popular tourist attraction in Kyoto. It welcomes visitors with Senbon-torii (千本鳥居), which literally refers to a thousand of red Torii gates creating a stunning scenery. Visiting there in the early morning will enable you to take stunning pictures of beautiful Tori gates without crowds. It is also a perfect hiking spot which allows you to explore the mysterious and sacred shrine grounds while feeling the refreshing air. #themeparks
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