ataki hiroki
ataki hiroki

Eighty-eight Ryohasha

Eighty-eight Ryohasha (@ 8108kyoto) . . One of the cafes you want to visit in Kyoto Order rich matcha sweets 😆💚 . . Tokuno Matcha Terrine 3480 yen * Shipping fee not included . . If you like matcha, you probably know @ 8108kyoto! . . . One of the shops that I definitely decide to go to when I go to Kyoto ♪ . . Amazing Matcha 💚 Tokuno is added to the product name A very reasonable dish! . Unbearable strength for matcha lovers ✨ The umami and bitterness of matcha are condensed Delicious matcha terrine 🤤 . One by one Luxury home time to eat ♪ . It's a little expensive! You might think Personally, is it worth more than the price? . If you are far away, please order it ♪ . If you are near, go to the store Let's go !! . . . . # 88 Ryohasha #kyoto Cafe #arashiyama Cafe
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