Gazing at all beings to ensure peace, the Leshan Giant Buddha guards the confluence of three rivers

The Leshan Giant Buddha, also known as the Lingyun Giant Buddha, stands 71 meters tall at the junction of the Dadu River, Qingyi River, and Jialing River. The construction of the Giant Buddha began in the prosperous Kaiyuan era of the Tang Dynasty and took ninety years to complete. The millennium-old Buddha has been preserved to this day, with a complete drainage system that protects it, hidden in the Buddha's ears and behind its head. In the 18 layers of coiled hair on the Buddha's head, the 4th, 9th, and 18th layers each have a horizontal drainage ditch, and there are also ditches behind the ears and robes connected to the mountain's caves. A scientific drainage, ventilation, and moisture isolation system has protected the Giant Buddha for a thousand years. 🏷Destination: Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area, ticket price 80 yuan. 🔶Recommended walking route in the scenic area: North Gate of the scenic area ➡️ Walk up the mountain along the scenic plank road ➡️ Lingbao Pagoda ➡️ Lingyun Temple Wuyou Temple ➡️ Top of the Buddha Mountain ➡️ Walk down to the feet of the Buddha (optional) ➡️ Walk along the Minjiang River and cross the Hao Shang Bridge ➡️ Wuyou Temple (requires going up and down the mountain) The whole journey takes about four hours, with an ascent of 300 meters, consisting of scenic plank roads and stone steps, requiring a certain level of physical fitness.
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Posted: Mar 31, 2024
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Leshan Giant Buddha

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