Rui Special Yi Zhi Hotel offers textbook-like comfortable accommodation, YYDS!

🏠【Hotel Name】Rui Special Yi Zhi Hotel (Luohe Food College Convention Center Store) 📍Detailed address: 200 meters southwest of the intersection of Jinggangshan Road and Wenming Road, Yancheng District, Luohe 🚗Transportation: About 9.2 kilometers from Luohe West Station by car, approximately 21 minutes 🌵Features: 【Facilities】Robot🤖 service➕Free parking➕Free children's breakfast➕Self-service washing machine👗➕Free conference hall➕Chess and card room➕24-hour front desk💁➕Ironing machine 【Environment】The hotel environment is elegant and very quiet🤫, the sanitation is very clean, the space structure layout in the room is very reasonable👍, the restaurant tastes good, making people feel very comfortable💞. 【Service】The hotel front desk ladies are very enthusiastic, the service is awesome👍, and the hotel prices are quite affordable, the hotel staff always face you with a smile, which can bring you a surprising stay💯. The cost performance is definitely satisfactory✅. 【Photography📷】For sisters who love to take photos, you must definitely come to experience💯. The interior decoration of the hotel is very nice, with a bit of a new Chinese style, the walls are matched with blue and white murals🖼, adding a bright touch to the whole room, making it flawless😻. 💰Price: About 100-200 yuan per room 🛏My room type: Yi Luxury King Room 📝Note tips: ✅Be sure to plan your itinerary in advance before going out!📆Don't arrive at your destination without knowing where to go, wasting time. ✅Remember to bring suitable shoes!👟👠Because you have to walk a lot during the trip, if the shoes are not suitable, it is easy to get tired. ✅Remember to bring some necessary travel items, such as chargers, portable power banks📱, cameras, etc.
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Posted: Mar 25, 2024
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Ruist Yizhi Hotel(Luohe Food College store)

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Near Luohe Food Vocational College (North Campus), Luohe
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