No kidding! The night view of Meishan Water Street is so beautiful, with a cyberpunk style as if you are in a game world

Dongpo Impression Water Street, also described as the 'Everlasting City of the Song Dynasty', has become a popular tourist spot in Meishan due to its unique Song-style architecture, dazzling light shows, and water dances. It feels like a dream back to the prosperous era of the Song Dynasty, similar to the style of Xi'an's Everlasting City of the Tang Dynasty, which is loved by young people, including me. 🏯Attraction Information: 📍Ticket: Free 📍Boat ride: 88/person 📍Performance: Monday to Thursday (19:30~21:30); Friday to Sunday (19:00~21:00) 📍Pets: Allowed 🚙Transportation: 📍Public transportation: Chengdu East Station/South Station--Meishan Station/Meishan East Station--about 20 minutes by taxi 📍Self-driving: Navigate to Meishan Dongpo Impression Water Street ‼️Tips: 📍There are many cars on weekends, you can choose to park in the parking lot within 1 kilometer, or there are marked roadside parking lots 📍The water street is very ordinary during the day, but it is really beautiful at night, with various light shows, it is recommended to go at night 📍The stage is in the center of the lake, there are restaurants by the lake where you can eat, it is best to call and reserve in advance on weekends, the average cost per person is about 100 📍There are boatmen for the boat ride, you can row to the side of the stage to watch the performance up close, the lights will last until late at night 🏨Accommodation: 📍There are many homestays around the water street, basically all in the surrounding communities, parking is available, very close to the water street, a few minutes walk 📍Be sure to book hotels or homestays in advance on holidays, otherwise the price will be very high ❌Pitfall Guide: 📍Although the water show is free, the quality is average, and you can't see it at all when there are many people, many people will occupy a position on the second floor very early, if you want to watch, you can wait on the second floor or by the lake in advance 📍It's really ordinary during the day, but it's really beautiful at night, you can go at night, the street is not long, there is enough time to play at night
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Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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Dongpo Impression Water Street

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