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Never come to Meishan Water Street!!! It's so outrageous

My god, has Meishan Water Street become like this? Are you sure all these are free to watch? I really experienced the happiness of the ancients, the starry city that never sleeps, coming here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food, it is really the first choice for locals and foreigners, just seeing this prosperous beauty will be shocked, it is really worthwhile, if you are coming to Sichuan for the first time, believe me, it is really the first choice to check in and take photos here🙋‍♂ The whole water street gives me the impression of 'beauty', the beauty of lights, dance, music, food, Dongpo culture, in summary, it can be called the reputation of the miniature of the 'Tang Dynasty City that Never Sleeps', the most eye-catching is still the glowing tree of life, wrapping the streets on both sides, wearing ancient clothes to take beautiful photos here is really very photogenic📸 . Tickets🎫: Free🆓 Transportation🚗: Chengdu bullet train 40 minutes, taxi 20 minutes after getting off the high-speed rail Navigation📌: Dongpo Impression Water Street . Photo location📸 🔹Take a panoramic view from the Tree of Life 🔹Take some partial photos of ancient buildings 🔹Water song and dance performance 🔹Take photos on both sides, with night view as the background, zoom in on the portrait 🔹Night tour boat 🔸It is recommended to wear ancient or festive clothes 🔸It is still cold at night during this period, so keep warm as a priority 🔸Be sunny and cheerful, the simplest is to smile, show your teeth . It is recommended to come here to shoot around six and a half, you can shoot the ink blue sky, blur the real scene, the atmosphere is full🙋‍♂There are many other good locations, welcome everyone to post your beautiful photos in the comment section!
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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