Has Meishan really developed to this extent?? Incredible

Right in Meishan! Right in Meishan!! One hour drive from Chengdu.... I will really give our Meishan a big thumbs up!! Lantern Yuanxiao Festival!! It's really so much fun!! . 📍South Gate of Meishan Cherry Blossom Expo Park (Meishan Dongpo Cultural and Creative Park) ⏰February 23-25 . Come to the Lantern Yuanxiao Festival Not only can you enjoy the lanterns and watch performances But you can also receive a park card on site! Play super fun interactive games to collect stamps and exchange for small gifts!! I've inquired for everyone!! The small gifts 🈶 cherry blossom series keychains! Exquisite scarves! Fun DIY lanterns! Everyone hurry up! Charge! Charge! . ❤️Stamp Collection Strategy❤️ ✔️Fortune Dragon Presents Auspiciousness·Touhu Every child can receive 5 arrows, and if you hit two or more from the designated position, you can get a commemorative badge ✔️Full of Fortune·Guess the Lantern Riddles Each person can only choose one riddle at a time, guess five groups, and take a photo with one of them to get a stamp~ If you don't succeed at once, you can line up again to participate once more~ ✔️Dragonfly Touches the Water·Round Fan Everyone can receive a round fan, according to elements like the panda and cherry blossoms, complete the painting and take a photo, then you can get an impression ✔️Great Luck in the Year of the Dragon·Couplets Each person can only choose one couplet at a time, match the lower couplet to 🉑get a stamp, if you answer incorrectly you can line up again to participate once more ✔️Fish Leaps Over the Dragon Gate·Ring Toss Each person 🉑 receive five rings, stand in the designated position, and if you ring an item you can get a commemorative badge ✔️Spectacular·Monopoly Each person only has one chance, if the dice show “6” on top you can get a stamp, if you roll a “5” you can roll once more! . 📸Photo Check-in Spots📸 ✔️Flowers Bloom at the Dragon Gate Right at the position of the south main entrance ✔️Panda Sea Walk to the right after entering the gate, the adorable pandas are in the bamboo forest, super creative, super photogenic ✔️Panda Flower Little Flower A super large panda flower, surrounded by golden wheat ears, super atmospheric when photographed at night ✔️Dongpo's Hometown Walk to the right after entering the main gate, by the lakeside, shoot through the branches, very poetic ✔️Prelude to Water Melody On the left after entering the gate, the branches are hung with poetry lantern plaques, twinkling like stars . Although the temperature has dropped these days, the magnolias! Cherry blossoms! are about to bloom! It is expected that by early March, you can see the appearance of full branches of flowers!! Really looking forward to it!!
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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