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Around Chengdu | Huanglongxi Ancient Town next to the ultra-american small attractions - shadowless church, shooting Raiders first sight of the shadowless church photos are attracted, light and shadow, like a dream. Returning to the card today, I will share with you the feelings of the scene and the photo strategy. Inside the park: The Sino-French Agricultural Science and Technology Park is still in the process of being perfected. It has been built almost. There are European buildings, vineyards, lavender gardens and a Monet garden. Lavender is open from June to August, and the shadowless church should be more beautiful. There is no restaurant in the park, only a food truck selling water and sandwiches. Photo Raiders Wear: I chose a set of more immortals, the whole will be more romantic. If you wear it cool, you can also present another feeling. Personally, no matter what style, plain clothing is even more popular. Photograph: 1The church is not too big, and it is more powerful with a wide-angle lens. I also brought a f1.8 55, and the blurred church looks more illusory and full of fairy tales. 2 When you choose a good weather, the sun shines very beautifully. If you are near dusk, you may be able to take a picture of the church under the setting sun. 3 Late: All my photos are brightened later, then the color temperature and saturation are lowered. Location: Pengshan District, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, navigation search
Posted: Apr 18, 2019
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