Osaka Universal USJ parent-child without express pass for 15 projects

✔️Osaka Universal USJ early admission ticket, no express pass, play 15 projects with kids, Super Mario Park🍄 really feels like crossing into the game world, too love it. 🌈Mario Park Play🍄 ⭐️Official opening at 8:30, early admission ticket is 7:15 opening, top door directly to Mario, 830 before two projects can be completed. We drew a 5:20 tidy ticket at ten o'clock to prepare to go in and see the night view and have dinner ⭐️Regular ticket 730 opening, go in and draw a tidy ticket, enter the park according to the time, you can go to the nearby Great White Shark or other popular projects first 🍄Mario Restaurant is not issuing tickets now, want to eat directly queue up to enter, the taste is very delicious we queued up for less than 1 hour to enter in the evening. ⭐️The specific itinerary is as follows: 7:15 Universal Studios opens 7:35 Mario Kart 8:00 Yoshi's Adventure, photo📷 8:40-9:00 Great White Shark 9:15-11:00 Universal Wonderland: Dream Cake Cup, Circus Carousel, Aimo Bubble Tour, Aimo gogo skateboard 11:40 Pokémon Charge, Pokémon Joy Party (2 Pikachu Halloween Performances), Pikachu Restaurant 13:00 Float performance, very high 14:00-14:30 Play with Curious George (children's interactive drama) 15:00-16:30 Aimo Little Pocket Wind, 3 Brush Skateboard, Hot Air Balloon 17:00 Visit Hollywood, Minion Park 17:30-19:00 Mario Restaurant Dinner, Night View 19:30-20:30 Halloween Performance, Full Atmosphere Yunyun Height 120 🍴Small town food recommendation: 🐮Sheng Beef Fried Beef Steak (Beef is fat and beautiful, 7 ways to eat), funfun rice ball (hot seaweed rice ball made now is very big), food city second floor octopus balls are delicious 🛍The small town also has Matsumoto Kiyoshi Cosmetics, Lawson, McDonald's, Starbucks, Gong Tea 🏨Stayed for two nights in the small town's Singularity Sky Spa Hotel SINGULARI HOTEL, it's very convenient and energy-saving to stay with kids, there are three beds for two adults and one child, the hotel's rooftop has an open-air hot spring, very good, book in advance with breakfast around 1000/night tip 1Osaka airport bus and tram go directly to Universal Studios, very convenient 2Download usj app, bind Universal Studios tickets in advance, make an appointment for tidy tickets and check queue time 3Early admission tickets are very popular, need to be booked more than 1 month in advance, there is a special queue channel, not many people in the queue on the right 4The projects in Universal Wonderland can get fast passes, get them on the machine next to the project, will save a lot of queue time, small pocket wind needs kindergarten kids to play 4After entering the Mario wristband shop, buy it again, the small stalls inside do not queue
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 5, 2024
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Soo cute!!!!
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