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Flawed Paradise?

💎 🏝️ Pattaya Beach was an absolute gem. From dawn till dusk, it offered an unending canvas of beauty. The beach itself seemed to stretch to infinity, making long walks an absolute delight. 🚌 🚘 Getting to Pattaya was an adventure in itself. We embarked on a two-hour bus journey from Ekamai in Bangkok, followed by a quick 20-minute car ride to our hotel. 🏨 Our choice of accommodation, Hermann Hotel, elevated our experience. The view from our room's balcony was mesmerizing, and the swimming pool offered a picturesque vista. ✨ 🍽️ sExploring the area was a treat as well. The bustling alleyways were lined with a plethora of restaurants and shops. There were endless options to tantalize our taste buds. 🛍️ And for those who love shopping, it was a paradise with unique finds around every corner. #thailand #pattaya #pattayabeach
Posted: Aug 22, 2023
hajar oughchi
Reinard Charlie Alcalde
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