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The streets and alleys gather to form the fireworks, and when spread out, they become the world of people

📍Detailed address: Luocheng Ancient Town, Qianwei County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province Luocheng Ancient Town 🚉Transportation strategy: A 1.5h drive from downtown Chengdu No admission fee There is a tourist center parking lot outside the ancient town, which makes parking convenient In the southern part of Sichuan, there is such an ancient town. Although it is not well-known, the teahouses, ancient opera stages, and old-style buildings on the streets fill this small town with a strong sense of life. The ancient town was founded during the late Ming Dynasty in the Chongzhen era and has undergone hundreds of years of changes. It still retains its original atmosphere of life. There are no crowded skyscrapers or busy commercial districts here. Old streets are lined with teahouses, where people sit leisurely on both sides of the 'boat-shaped street' on weekdays, chatting and discussing the past of the ancient town. The restaurants here are also very popular. During major festivals, when there are too many people to sit inside, 'Ba Ba Feast' will be set up on the street. The most characteristic feature of the ancient town is the 'boat-shaped street', which is long from east to west and short from north to south, shaped like a shuttle. The street is like the bottom of a boat, the buildings on both sides are like the sides of a boat, the ancient opera building is like the cabin, and the Lingguan Temple is like the stern. Officials from UNESCO have called it 'China's Noah's Ark'. On both sides of the 'boat-shaped street' are long rows of old tile-roofed houses with wooden structures. If you have time, you can also visit Tieshan, where there are Guanyin Pavilion and Daxiong Hall, which are said to be the elder sister of Mount Emei. Near the ancient opera stage, there is a snack street with delicious foods such as spicy wontons, Shaozi noodles, and tofu pudding. Each bowl costs between 5-9 yuan and is very tasty. I recommend a snack bar called 'Sanmei Snacks'. Their noodles and wontons are very authentic~ (just about 50 meters ahead of the opera stage) There are also other snacks like ka bing, wolf tooth potatoes, and candied haws. Tip: Don't go to the tofu pudding shop for noodles and wontons. If you want authentic noodles and wontons, go to a noodle shop or snack bar! There are also many teahouses on 'boat-shaped street', where you can calm down, have a cup of tea, and feel the charm of the ancient town. In the mornings around the Spring Festival, there are intangible cultural heritage performances on the opera stage, which have a festive atmosphere!
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Posted: Apr 7, 2024
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Luocheng Ancient Town

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