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📍Meishan. Hanyang Lake Memory Village When you come to Meishan, you must stay in the panoramic tent room of Memory Village, and you must experience the riverside swimming pool of Hanyang Lake Scenic Area. The hotel and swimming pool are built along the Minjiang River, in the Hanyang Lake Scenic Area, and the swimming pool is so close that you can get into the Minjiang River with a turn, looking at the broad riverbed and the flowing Minjiang water, it is particularly soothing. . 🏨【River View Tent Room】 The glass tent room with a large lawn at the door, a glance up is the Minjiang River, the living environment is full score💯. You can bring dogs, and dogs can run happily on the large lawn. You can go down the Minjiang River with your own paddle board, you need to connect with the hotel in advance, the river is too wide and there is a certain risk, it is not recommended for non-professional players. There are also suite courtyard rooms to choose from, suitable for a family to come out for a relaxing vacation. 🎐【Hanfu Experience】 You can borrow a set of Hanfu for free when you stay in the hotel, and return it when you check out. The rental price is also super cheap. The room also provides two sets of Zen clothes, which are very artistic. 🎫【Swimming Pool】 99 yuan for two people, no free ticket policy for children. There are outdoor and indoor swimming pools, children have exclusive swimming pools, water slides are temporarily available, it is a pity that they are not open, the swimming pools are all at room temperature and only suitable for summer, hot springs will be opened next to them in winter, the number of pools is small and not large, you can soak in the hotel. 🎠【Non-powered Amusement Park】 The scenic area has pirate ship climbing slides, sand pools, trampolines and other non-powered outdoor children's projects 🏕️【Camping】 Hotel guests can set up a sky tent for free camping, no fire🔥, non-hotel guests need to pay for themselves, we met someone who rented a venue to propose when we went, it was very romantic~ 🍚【Dining】 You can drive to the town to eat Hanyang chicken, this dish is a thumbs up, the cold mix tastes very good~ 🗺️【Surrounding Play】 🔹China Bamboo Art City: Appreciate traditional handicraft weaving 🔹Panda Pavilion: Two pandas🐼 you enjoy alone 🔹Fish Calling Park: Catch fish and shrimp, net tadpoles 🔹Bamboo House Bookstore: Internet celebrity bookstore . This is Sheep Mom, a 90s mom who walks her child in a fancy way The goal is to play all over Chengdu and the surrounding 100 treasures Working hard to find every week🧐
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Posted: Feb 2, 2024
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