Explore the mysterious realm full of retro charm in Chengdu

Explore!!! The mysterious realm of Chengdu full of retro charm✨✨ The hotel's design✨ is full of retro style, as if riding a time machine, traveling to the wealthy families of the Republic of China era🙈🙈 The magnificent decoration style, who wouldn't be dazzled after seeing it😭😭😭 📍Detailed address: No. 5, Xihu Avenue, Sihai Community, Heilongtan Town, Renshou County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province 🌟Highlights: The hotel provides butler service, the service is very thoughtful✨✨ The style of the Republic of China combined with nostalgia, without losing luxury❤️❤️ The hotel lobby, spiral staircase, adjacent restaurant, two-day-one-night immersive script killing, any place for photo shooting📸 is very photogenic✨✨ There are many green plants on the balcony, which are refreshing to the eye🌈🌈 🏨Hotel environment: The hotel is built by the lake, consisting of 8 independent small buildings in the style of Sichuan mansions during the Republic of China, with a total of 91 guest rooms👍👍 The courtyard is surrounded by fresh flowers, winding paths leading to secluded spots, vintage cars, rickshaws, typewriters, phonographs, vinyl records, Shanghai-style posters, wine and cigars, a giant chessboard in the atrium, full of retro style😍😍 The swimming pool🏊‍♂️ and the adjacent Intercontinental Hotel are the same, so the pool is shared, and there is also a 6600-square super large infinity pool🙈🙈 The guest room space is very large, very spacious, and the bed is very soft and comfortable😍😍
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Posted: Feb 6, 2024
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