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Facilities: The whole house is smart and very convenient. The guest rooms are even better. Hygiene: Clean and tidy, I particularly like the simple surprise style and cream style. Environment: The room is super beautiful, the lobby is spacious and comfortable, and the lobby of the homestay can be used for KTV, which is very suitable for a few friends to live together. The homestay owner is also very good at chatting🫰 This trip is the beginning of a person, but I met many friends on the road. It was because I saw the photos of this homestay on other platforms and thought it was beautiful, so I booked it. I didn't expect it to be what I saw and what I got. It was particularly clean and tidy, and the transportation was very convenient. It took about ten minutes to take a taxi to the Ocean Aesthetics Museum and the Sunshine Coast of Mountain and Sea. It took about fifteen minutes to Wanpingkou and about six or seven minutes to the University City Night Market. It is about half an hour's drive from Rizhao West Station. It's very convenient~ Chatting with the homestay owner feels too intimate, if I come to Rizhao next time, I will still book here~ Thank you to the boss and the homestay for leaving me a memorable memory of this journey. I didn't prepare a gift in advance, so I temporarily left a small pine cone that matches the style of the homestay🥰
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Posted: Dec 23, 2023
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