It's not that we can't afford to go to Harbin, but Rizhao is more cost-effective!

Day1️⃣ ❄️🚄Arrive at Rizhao West Station around 10 o'clock→Vientiane Hui (half an hour by 🚗 to the homestay), we live near Vientiane Hui, it's convenient to go anywhere, large shopping mall. 🍚Lunch: Chocolate Fisherman's House (restaurant suitable for Cantonese) ⏰Afternoon: Went to Wanpingkou Scenic Area, Gate 3 is so beautiful! The sea is so big, the sea water is very blue, the wind is also very strong, it's too cold, you must wear thicker! Take pictures. ⏰Evening: Go to Dongyi Town for snacks, walk on the commercial street, characteristic town~ There are many characteristic snacks, a bowl of sea sand noodles is not bad, very fresh. Grilled mackerel, pot stickers are very fragrant! Day2️⃣ ⏰Watch the sunrise, Lighthouse Square, standing on the reef to take pictures is so beautiful! ⏰Breakfast: Went to eat big buns near Wanpingkou, wonton, pancakes🥞, it's very cold early in the morning! ⏰Then went to Rizhao Art Museum, the museum is connected, suitable for viewing and taking pictures ⏰In the afternoon, it's not so cold to go to the Mountain Sea Sky Scenic Area, there are many check-in points, very suitable for watching the sunrise🌅sunset🌄 ⏰Continued to the Science and Technology Museum, those who are interested can go, there are many children Day3️⃣ ⏰Egret Bay Park, it's so beautiful here, highly recommend to come here for photos and relax, then after lunch, take the high-speed rail home! Ended the two and a half days of travel~ Happy and fulfilling~ Next, welcome 2024! ✨Small suggestions before travel 1. Suggest to make a good travel route strategy to avoid spending time on the road. 2. Buy tickets, tickets, etc. in advance, remember to leave early! 3. Don't overwalk, wear a pair of comfortable shoes! 4. The temperature in Rizhao in winter is low, remember to bring warm equipment. 5. Be sure to check the local weather forecast☀️ when watching the sunrise. 6. Don't go into the enthusiastic restaurant. 7. Don't buy souvenirs in the scenic area, it's much cheaper online.
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Jan 4, 2024
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