Finally, someone has explained Rizhao tourism clearly!

I just went to Rizhao with my friends! I really like the seaside! I have sorted out this travel guide for everyone as soon as I came back! Sisters who want to see the sea hurry up and code it up! "Beach Viewing" 🌊Wanpingkou: Free🆓, one of the must-visit spots in Rizhao. The place is quite large with 5 gates, recommend gate 1 and gate 3👍🏻, gate 1 has the iconic tidal tower, Wanpingkou stone, Sunrise Prayer Bell, gate 3 has the Love Oath Stone, Sky Frame, Stairway to Heaven, etc. Gate 2 and gate 4 are a bit deserted, not recommended to go specifically👀. 🌊Shanhai Tian Sunshine Coast Scenic Area: Free🆓, also called the Third Seawater Bathing Beach. The sand🏖️ is finer than Wanpingkou, it is also a beautiful beach, with a giant love sign, swing, windmill, also suitable for check-in photos📸. 🌊Seaside National Forest Park: Free🆓, a combination of forest park + seaside beach. The sand is finer than the third bath, it feels very comfortable to step on. It's beautiful in summer, in winter the forest part may be a bit deserted. The park is quite large, it takes a long time to visit, you can also camp in summer🏕️. "Experience Sea Catching" 🐚Taigong Island Oyster Park: Free🆓, reef area, near gate 5 of Wanpingkou, there are sea snails, crabs, octopuses🦑, sea cucumbers, etc. Because it is convenient to travel, we went here first for sea catching, but we have no experience so we were empty-handed😢. 🐚Liujiawan Sea Catching Garden: Charge 40💰, tidal flat area, very large, there are more clams and clams, a bit far from the city. Because we didn't gain anything on Taigong Island, we reluctantly moved to the tidal flat area, this time we picked up a lot of clams! "Other Recommendations" ⭐Lighthouse Square: Free🆓, the perfect place to watch the sunrise early, the sunrise at sea🌅 is really super beautiful! If you don't want to go to Lighthouse Square specifically, the third bath and Wanpingkou are also good places to watch the sunrise🤗. ⭐Chocolate Fisherman's House: Average six or seventy💰, freshly caught and cooked, we ate very happily, recommend seafood steam pot and steamed grouper🐟.
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Jan 26, 2024
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