Rizhao Travel Guide, Sea Diary

🚙🚙🚙 Travel category 🔹Round trip——High-speed rail🚝 (Rizhao West Station), train (Rizhao Station), airplane🛬 (Shanzihe Airport) 🔹City area——Bus (1 per time), electric scooter🛵 (2 per 15 minutes), taxi (starting price 7) 🏠🏠🏠 Accommodation category The first choice is the chain hotels🏨 in the city, the room price is not expensive, there are single rooms, double rooms, big bed rooms, etc.🛏. And the transportation nearby is convenient, it is close to the large shopping center🛍, it is convenient to buy things. 🎈🎈🎈 Scenic spot category - 📍Wanpingkou Scenic Area (free) As soon as you get to the seaside, you feel relaxed and happy, the blue sea water, the white clouds floating in the blue sky☁️, the old fishing boat parked on the beach, like a painting-like scenery🖼. - 📍Sunshine Coast Camping Park (free) There are many wooden houses and grass houses on the lawn, allowing tourists to take pictures for free📸, the place near the sea is even more beautiful. You can also camp here at night, watch the stars and blow the sea breeze🌬. - 📍Rizhao Ocean Park (180 per person) The ticket price feels a bit expensive, but you can see precious animals and plants🦈, colorful underwater scenery, and wonderful animal performances🐳 in the museum. - 📍Lijia Tai Reef Park (free) The reef formed by the natural wind and sun, hiding various small fish and shrimps🐟, suitable for sea catching. You need to check the weather and the time of the ebb tide a few days in advance🕰, and buy some tools for catching the sea. - 📍Chunfeng Shili Small Town (free) The houses here are very individual, with graffiti walls🎨, old wall skins, etc., and the small roads on both sides are full of flowers🌸, and some items with a strong sense of age are placed. 🌽🌽🌽 Food and drink category - 💫Wanpingkou Branch|Chocolate Fisherman Basically, they are all seasonal seafood🦐, Rizhao's famous seafood chain store, relying on live seafood and many special dishes to make a name, affordable. - 💫University City|Xingye Night Market Small squid 10💰3 skewers🐙, a full bowl of shrimp slip 16, iced watermelon 10💰a large box🍉, and other various snacks, worth a visit. 💫Wanxianghui|Shitongtian Square There are many small shops selling food here🥞, a variety of Chengdu snacks, soft and glutinous glutinous rice, full-flavored cold pot skewers🍢
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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