Indigenous dry goods full of Rizhao travel guide

Baozi, come to play by the sea in Rizhao, these preparations must be done well🌴: 🔔Electrical appliances: power banks, data cables, cameras, etc.📸 🎫Documents: ID cards, student cards, Shandong Tourism One Card, etc. 🎽Clothing: The weather is changeable, pay attention to keeping warm🧥 💊Medicine & skincare products: common medicines, sunscreen, etc. 🚝Transportation: ✈Airplane: to Rizhao Shanzi River Airport, about 30min to the city area🚗or 1h+ bus🚌 🚝High-speed rail: to Rizhao West Station, about half an hour🚕or 1h bus🚌 🍖Food: 🍴Must-order seafood restaurant: recommended by locals, live catch and freshly made, original flavor, fresh eyebrows🐟 The steamed seafood pot, Spanish mackerel dumplings and salt and pepper shrimp in their home are all very delicious. 🎉Play: Dongyi Town: ancient style pedestrian street, food, accommodation and play in one🍃 Rizhao Seaside National Forest Park, Wanpingkou Scenic Area, Mountain Sea Sky Sunshine Coast, etc.🏖 Liujiawan Sea Catching Garden, Lighthouse Scenic Area, etc.⛵ Rizhao trip, non-stop fun~🎉🎉
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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Rizhao | 海曲东路海友酒店北15米
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