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Visit Rizhao Mountain, Sea and Sky to encounter a sunrise

I've been in Qingdao for so many years and I've never gotten up to watch a sunrise‼️ I was dragged by a friend to Mountain, Sea and Sky to watch the sunrise before 4 am in Rizhao🤣 Honestly, I don't regret getting up early, because it's really too beautiful🤩 The warm sunshine rises from the sea level, first sprinkling on the seaside, turning the sea into an orange color Then it passes through LOVE, spreading gold all over the beach🏖️ It's really too beautiful😭 There are also many picturesque settings at Mountain, Sea and Sky Sunshine Coast, don't miss out 🔹A white carousel 🔹The little Anaya chapel 🔹The swing by the sea 🔹In June, there's also a large field of golden flowers ⚠️The only thing to note is to allow enough time for the sunrise in the morning, it's really hard to get a taxi at 4 am in Rizhao🤣 📍Mountain, Sea and Sky·Sunshine Coast
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Posted: Mar 22, 2024
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