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Randor Residential Hotel Sapporo Susukino is a high-quality accommodation facility located in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. The hotel is renowned for its elegant ambiance, comfortable rooms, and thoughtful services, attracting many tourists and business travelers to stay. Here, you will experience the unique charm of a perfect blend of Japanese tradition and modern elements. The architectural design of the hotel is inspired by the traditional Japanese courtyard, with the entire complex built around a tranquil pond, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The interior decoration of the hotel is also full of Japanese characteristics, such as tatami flooring, Japanese tea rooms, and elegant Japanese-style rooms. These design elements make you feel as if you are in a world full of Oriental charm. Randor Residential Hotel Sapporo Susukino offers a variety of room types to choose from, including single rooms, double rooms, and family suites. All rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, spacious bathrooms, and high-speed wireless internet, ensuring a home-away-from-home experience during your travels. In addition, the hotel provides convenient facilities such as 24-hour front desk service, luggage storage, and taxi calling to make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable. The hotel's restaurant specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine while also offering a variety of international dishes for you to taste. You can enjoy fresh sushi, grilled meat, sashimi, and other delicious dishes here, as well as try some local specialties. Moreover, the restaurant provides a complimentary breakfast to fully recharge you before starting a new day. There are many attractions worth visiting around Randor Residential Hotel Sapporo Susukino, such as Odori Park, the Clock Tower, and the Sapporo Ramen Museum. The hotel is just a few minutes' drive from JR Sapporo Station, making transportation convenient. Additionally, the hotel offers various travel consultation services to help you plan your itinerary, ensuring you have a memorable time in Sapporo. In summary, Randor Residential Hotel Sapporo Susukino is an accommodation choice that combines comfort, elegance, and convenience. Whether you are traveling to Sapporo for leisure or on a business trip, this hotel will provide you with a welcoming environment, making you feel the warmth of home during your journey.
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Posted: Apr 8, 2024
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Randor Residence Susukino Suites

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Near JR Sapporo Station|Susukino, Sapporo
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