"8-day dazzling and charming South China Sea trip"

The sea is the real "pure land" of the world Away from the land, away from the hustle and bustle of the city So I have always liked to travel by cruise I like to sail in the middle of the sea Enjoy the zero-distance contact with the blue sky and the sea The first gift for the new year Is to start an extraordinary cruise trip Follow the CMB Yiton from Shenzhen 🚢 Eight days and seven nights, heading south Go to Vietnam to feel the pure Southeast Asian style Go to Hong Kong to appreciate the dreamlike prosperity of the city that never sleeps 🏨Room: CMB Yiton is a mobile version of a five-star "home", this time staying in a luxury balcony room, with an area of 31.4㎡, the Nordic style decoration is full of romance~ There is also a super wide viewing angle, you can enjoy the blue sky and blue sea lying in the room~ The most important thing is that the room service is super good~ The meticulous service makes people feel at home even in a foreign country~ 🚢On the CMB Yiton, the long voyage is never lonely, the entertainment activities here are super rich~: 🏊Infinity pool: The infinity pool on the 7th floor is a must-check-in project, with a 360-degree full sea view experience, as if swimming in the sea, at night, the deck near the pool is also a super viewing platform~ ✨Star Theater: There are different guest performances, music performances, game interactions and so on every night, and there is a very cultural dance performance when arriving in Vietnam at night~ 💦Spa center: Don't miss the Nordic spa center on the first floor, you can come here every day to experience the 65°C steam sauna, making the journey healthier~ At Liv Nordic, every moment is a care for yourself~ 📖Sea library: There are more than 2,000 Chinese and foreign books, make a pot of tea, lean on the sofa and quietly read a book, enjoy the long-lost tranquility, outside the window is the endless blue sea view, time passes too comfortably~ 🍜Food: On the CMB Yiton, not only can the sea heal, but the taste buds can also be satisfied. There are a total of 7 restaurants on the ship, and all are included in the ship fee~ Global restaurant, poolside barbecue, Italian restaurant, chef's table, Chinese restaurant, Nordic snacks, winter garden, each restaurant's food is very rich, there are many choices, each has its own characteristics, it is recommended to taste each restaurant~ 🚶Shore tour: 📍Vietnam: In Vietnam, it will dock at Halong Bay and Da Nang. In Halong Bay, you can appreciate the magic of "Guilin on the water", on the 1500 square kilometers of sea surface, thousands of islands of various sizes have emerged, forming various shapes of people and animals. Da Nang is known as "one of the 50 places to go in a lifetime", here is the only Cham sculpture museum in the world, you can also join a group to visit Hoi An ancient city to feel the local culture, or go to My Khe beach to enjoy the sun~ 📍Hong Kong: The Peak is the highest peak on Hong Kong Island, famous for its open view. Standing here, you can overlook the magnificent panorama of the whole Hong Kong. Whether it's the towering skyscrapers in the distance, or the night view of Victoria Harbour, they can all be displayed in front of you. At night, you can also return to the cruise ship to taste food against the night view of Victoria Harbour, take pictures on the cruise ship, every moment is worth recording and cherishing~
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 15, 2024
Roy Emily
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