Traveling across five continents, we chose to marry at the Water Church in Hoshino TOMAMU Resort Meet in North Korea, fall in love in Sweden, get married in Bolivia, we traveled many countries together, I thought romance became like this Already enough, I didn't expect it to be more romantic to marry in the water church of Xingye Tomamu Resort in Hokkaido, designed by my favorite designer Ando Tadao. It was the Xingye Tomamu Resort, which was super-fired by Huo Jianhua and Hu Ges group. I once said that if I could get married here, I didnt expect the dream to come true! In the country, you can book the wedding project of the Water Church in Xingye Mengyuan. The Chinese docking, all links are domestic docking, one-stop service. Confirm all the links in the country, go to Tomamu only need to follow the process, it feels convenient and easy. Booking website: https
Posted: Oct 15, 2019
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Unlocking the Hoshino Resort in the fall Resort now has four buildings, two are the original building (the price is slightly more expensive), two are the new building The Tower Tawa Hotel (the price is slightly cheaper), the building The parking lot is large and you don't have to worry about parking. The three of us stayed and gave us the family quadruple room on the 17th floor. The room in the two rooms and one hall was awesome. The new and old buildings on both sides are conceived. There is a passage. It should also be a red channel. It has been in the resort for two days. This passage does not know how many times it has gone. Transportation: 1, it takes about 2.5 hours to drive from Sapporo. 2, after getting off at Tomamoo Station by JR, there will be a hotel bus to pick up. Service: The best thing in the resort is the bus service. If you go anywhere, whether it is raining or snowing, don't worry, just send you to the place you want to go to the resort (in the resort) There are also a lot of bus services for the ring service. Waiting for the car will come. In fact, apart from Smile Beach and Yunhai Cable Car, it is a bit far away, and other places can walk. Resort Free Project: 1, Xingye Resort's most proud attraction, and what we have missed is Yunhai. The trip was unfortunately affected by the typhoon. It rained all day and the whole mountain was foggy. The first morning was closed due to heavy rain. Although the second morning was open, there was only fog and no sea of clouds. The best view of the sea of clouds. The season is summer. The temperature on the mountain is very low, so keep warm. Opening time: 5