The homestay in Jixian County has been asked too much!!!!

The homestay in Jixian County has been asked too much!!!! Come to the mountains to enjoy the sunset and cloud sea and enjoy the paradise alone Homestay environment The garden of the homestay is my favorite!!! These flowers and plants are colorful~~ With the lights of the homestay, it's really atmospheric when night falls and it's easy to take pictures!! There is a small pool in the courtyard of the homestay, the overall design is very fashionable, very suitable for taking pictures~~ Homestay room The room name corresponds to the month, the boss is very interesting, the room names are January Willow, February Apricot, March Peach, April Plum, May Pomegranate, June Lotus, July Skill, August Osmanthus, September Chrysanthemum, October Sun, November Chang, December La, these twelve room names, you can see that the boss is a person who loves life very much!!! The room is very spacious, the hygiene is very clean, the mattress is also very soft and comfortable, especially skin-friendly~~~ The bathroom is also separated from wet and dry!! Homestay service The boss is very enthusiastic, and calls to ask us if we need a car before we arrive at the station! He will also explain to us the fun areas of Jixian County, and make a travel strategy for us, it's really too intimate!! Homestay: One Ten Two Rural Stay Address: 1 District 58, Liu Zhuangzi Village, Xiaying Town, Jizhou District If there are friends who are planning to come to Jixian County, don't miss this homestay!!!
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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