It's not that Europe is unaffordable, but Tianjin offers more value for money! Come and play in Tianjin!

Here are some must-visit attractions in Tianjin: 1️⃣Tianjin Eye: ticket price 80r A 120-meter-high Ferris wheel located by the Haihe River, offering a panoramic view of the city. Riding the Ferris wheel at night allows you to enjoy the spectacular light show, making it a great place for photo ops. 2️⃣Xikai Church: free admission Located at the end of Binjiang Road pedestrian street, the church stands tall like a symbol of sanctity, solemnity, and romance. It's open all year round. 3️⃣Wudadao: free admission A historic street lined with many Western-style buildings. You can stroll around, appreciate the architectural styles, and visit the boutiques and cafes. 4️⃣Italian Style Area: free admission An area themed around Italian architecture and culture, featuring charming streets, alleys, and European-style buildings. In summer, bars here often have live music performances. 5️⃣Century Clock: free admission Located in front of Tianjin Station, it's one of the city's most iconic buildings. You can enjoy the beautiful night view here. 6️⃣Jinwan Plaza: free admission A shopping, dining, and entertainment complex. There are often live performances or events, and it's located near the Liberation Bridge. 7️⃣Binjiang Road Pedestrian Street: free admission You can visit Starbucks, dine at Tianhe City, and have fun at Joy City and the pedestrian street. It caters to all kinds of needs. 8️⃣Porcelain House: tickets start at 30r A unique building made of porcelain bricks, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional Chinese porcelain. If you just want to take pictures, you can do so outside without buying a ticket. 9️⃣National Marine Museum: free admission It houses a large number of marine life and marine culture exhibits, and also features a museum shop, restaurant, cafe, cinema, and other public facilities. Tips: 🛍Food: It's recommended to eat at the northwest corner, where you can try fried cakes, cut cakes, pancake fruit, gabba vegetables, noodle tea, vegetarian rings, candy, mutton soup, etc. 🛌Accommodation: Since Tianjin's attractions are relatively concentrated, you can stay near Tianjin Station or Xiaobailou. I previously stayed at a homestay in the Moonlight Garden community near the back square of Tianjin Station, which was quite cost-effective. You can choose according to your preference. 🚦Transportation: Tianjin's transportation is quite convenient. You can reach most attractions by subway. Remember to download the 'Tianjin Subway' APP for scanning the code to enter the station. That's all, hope you have a pleasant trip! Italian Style Area Jinwan Plaza Xikai Church National Marine Museum Haihe River Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel Binjiang Road Commercial Street Porcelain House Century Clock Square Wudadao
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Posted: Feb 10, 2024
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