Post-00s Couple's Mid-range Hotel Review —— Yuan Tuo Hotel in Tianjin||

||.🏨Hotel Name: Yuan Tuo Hotel (West Kang Road Subway Station, Wudadao, Tianjin) 🔻Location: No. 29 West Kang Road, Wudadao, Tianjin, located in the city center, about 300 meters from West Kang Road Subway Station. 🔧Surrounding Facilities: There is a Holiland bakery right below the hotel, and several 7-11 convenience stores within 500m, which is suitable for friends traveling to Tianjin, meeting 90% of your needs. 💰Price: I have stayed at this hotel twice, with an average price of around 270 yuan. ❤️Stay Experience: Yuan Tuo Hotel is a diversified 'Guochao' experience hotel with Chinese cultural characteristics, created by Jinjiang Group for the local market, positioned as mid-to-high-end. The Yuan Tuo in Tianjin opened this year, and the overall decoration of the hotel is set according to the local culture of Tianjin. The lobby is very exquisite, including a soda museum, Tianjin cultural and creative displays, and more. The front desk is quite professional, equipped with a minibar and a professional bartender; you can get a free drink when you check in now. The hotel's breakfast area is not large, but the variety is quite rich, including freshly ground coffee, fruits, stir-fried dishes, and Tianjin specialty breakfasts, etc. Breakfast time is from seven to ten, and you can use points from some platforms to exchange, which is more cost-effective. 🏠Room Settings: The most basic room is also 30㎡, very spacious. The bathroom is separated dry and wet, and the floor of the shower area is thoughtfully made like cement, so you don't have to worry about slipping. Shower gel, conditioner, and shampoo are fully equipped, and they smell very fresh. The washbasin is a very special Tianjin 'Xi' character big red basin, equipped with hand sanitizer and body lotion; the toothbrush has a very soft head, and a comb and razor are also provided. The bed is large, with both buckwheat and soft pillows, and you can choose according to your preference. The TV can cast screens, and the room is equipped with an exclusive smart voice assistant 'Xiao Tuo'. The room has a refrigerator, hairdryer, kettle, automatic curtains, and free water and drinks in the fridge. The sound insulation is very good, the bed has a sensor light, so you don't have to worry about falling when going to the toilet at night. ✨Highlights: Because it is a Guochao style, whether it is the setting of the lobby or the room decoration and the appliances provided, they are all very eye-catching. My boyfriend and I studied the hairdryer and kettle for a long time before we could use them, especially praising the kettle, which is an instant hot water dispenser; you can directly heat mineral water into hot water, avoiding the problem that everyone feels the hotel's kettle is not clean. ❌Cons: The sensitivity of the smart voice assistant is a bit poor, sometimes it cannot respond in time. The Wifi is not particularly stable, and casting screen can be laggy. The second time I stayed, the fridge in the room was plugged in but not cold, causing the cake I bought to go bad. 📢Overall Review: Overall, the stay experience is still good, very suitable for tourists to stay, close to the city center, and also allows people to feel the rich local culture of Tianjin. The brand positioning is very good, meeting the needs of young people for quality and value, and creating its own characteristics. Follow me, see you at our next hotel~
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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