Culinary Conquest

The Old Dock

Tanggu Old Dock Park is an industrial heritage park with a history of over a hundred years, having witnessed countless ships setting sail and returning home. The deeply rooted, time-weathered mooring posts in the Hai River stare at the vicissitudes of both riverbanks. Today, it has been transformed and upgraded into a park, providing a tranquil place for citizens to relax. The old dock was dismantled during the urban construction of the Binhai New Area, leaving only some of the original wooden piles faintly standing in the water. In the afternoon, flocks of seagulls float on the water, their cries and the flapping of their wings resonating with each other. People bring bread, steamed buns, and other foods to satisfy the taste buds of the seagulls and to enjoy the fun of feeding them.
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Posted: May 5, 2024
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