Happy Valley is finally here! Hurry up and follow our guide to set off!

Ah! This is simply the magical world of the Spirit Dream Yeroli! 😮😮😮 Happy Valley is really pulling out all the stops for the May Day period! 👏👏👏 They've launched the new ✔️Duck River Drifting attraction, letting you enjoy the coolness and joy of summer in advance! ✔️There are also a hundred high-value NPC characters waiting for you to meet, ✔️and the National Trend Electronic Music Festival will be the highlight of the event! And you can watch the ✔️Dreamy Fireworks Show (4.30-5.5) with your loved one, which is so romantic! 💕💕💕 Additionally, the kids' favorites, the ✔️Superhero Parade, ✔️Super Wings, and Yeroli Children's Play are also performed here, with super fun live interactions! 🤩🤩🤩 With over 30 attractions to play at will, there are also exciting programs like Flower Mansion Proposal, Girl Group Dance, and more for you to enjoy! 🎉🎉🎉 There are five major themed check-in spots: Flower God Luo (next to the Flying Christmas Tree) 🌸 Dimensional Journey (at the Bungee Plaza) 🌟 Butterfly Hot Island (opposite the Deluxe Carousel) 🦋 Super Wings Themed Block 🚀 Yeroli Themed Block 🧚‍♀️ Event Time: 5.1-6.10 🚥Travel Tips: ❤️If girls want to take photos, remember to prepare two different styles of outfits. The dopamine style is suitable for the Yeroli themed block, and the ancient style and national style are suitable for taking photos with NPCs! ❤️Remember to note down the performance times you're interested in and go early to get a good spot! ❤️Don't worry about playing water attractions, as there are raincoats for sale on site! Opening hours during May Day: 5.1-5.5 9:00-23:00 Free Shuttle Bus: May 1 to May 5 Take the Subway Line 2 to the Airport Subway Station and take the shuttle at exit B Friday to Sunday (30 minutes/trip): ①Airport Subway Station-Happy Valley 8:30-11:00 ②Happy Valley-Airport Subway Station 20:30-22:00 ③Happy Valley-Tianjin Station 22:10-23:10 🅿️Parking: 15 yuan/day (with charging stations).
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Posted: May 6, 2024
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