Relax and take a stroll at Binhai Taifeng Park

The fringe trees in Taifeng Park are in full bloom. It is recommended to visit between 8-10 am for easy parking and fewer people. The overall tour takes about 2 hours, with the fringe trees concentrated in the eastern area. You can park along the roadside from the intersection of Fourth Street and Taixiang Road to the intersection with Taifeng Road. After entering, you will find fringe trees on the left side, and a large cluster of them near the Fourth Street side. Further inside, by the water, there are two more trees in full bloom that are also great for enjoying and taking photos. The park has large grassy areas suitable for pitching tents, but there are few restrooms, which is not very convenient. After enjoying the fringe trees, you can also visit the Lanspring Garden and Rose Garden on Eighth Street. Hedgehogs, pink clusters, and begonias are in season, while the Peony Garden is in the transition period between peonies and herbaceous peonies. It will be closed during the May Day period, so don't make a wasted trip. May Day Travel Day Crowd-Free Guide Binhai Taifeng Park
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Posted: May 8, 2024
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This place is really awesome!
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