Tianjin - A Different Kind of Fireworks

1 Tianjin Character p1 Location: Intersection of Xinhua Road and Anshan Road 2 Tianjin's Most Beautiful Subway Station p2 Location: Chentangzhuang Subway Station Position: Opposite side of the direction of Liuyuan 3 Roman Columns p3 Location: Daguangming Bridge Position: Underneath the bridge arch Sitting by the column and taking portraits is also absolutely beautiful 4 The Most Beautiful Bridge Hole p4 Location: Beian Bridge Position: Right side of the bridge hole, you need to find it yourself 5 The Most Beautiful Bridge View p5 Location: Jintang Bridge Position: Cloud platform at the end of the bridge Photographers standing on the cloud platform to take portraits on the iron bridge also produce great photos 6 Dali Road Sign Location: Intersection of Dali Road and Hengyang Road 7 The Eye of Tianjin Position: King Kong Bridge Climbing: Rongdu Jiayuan Building No. 10 (best position) is temporarily closed, it depends on your luck if you can get up there 8 Century Clock p8 Position: Jiefang Bridge 9 Jinwan Square Position: Haihe Square at Tianjin Station 10 Back to Tianjin Concert Hall Middle and back. 10 Tianjin Concert Hall Location: Xiaobailou D Exit Position: Right-side corridor 11 Full View of Xiaobailou Climbing: Chengji Center Building No. 2, 33rd floor rooftop is temporarily closed, the security uncle won't let you in 12 Binyue Bridge Didn't manage to visit this one, leaving some regrets. Do you have any regrets about not visiting certain attractions in the cities you've been to?
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*Created by local travelers and translated by AI.
Posted: May 10, 2024
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