Wulian Mountain Ski Resort

Wulian Mountain Ski Resort covers an area of 115,000 square meters, is a large-scale leisure place integrating tourism, fitness and entertainment, and leisure vacations, most suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. Wulian Mountain Ski Resort has beginner, intermediate, advanced trails, ski circles, snow play areas, whether you are a ski enthusiast or a beginner, whether you are a single board or a double board, the snow trails here are very friendly to you! In order to give skiers the best skiing experience, after the daily ski session ends, the ski resort staff will repair the snow trails, and timely replenish and re-press the snow to ensure the quality of the snow. The ski resort is located on the north side of Dujuan Mountain Villa, surrounded by mountains and trees, with superior geography, good site flatness, and moderate slope. It is especially suitable for tourism skiing and large-scale outdoor activities. It is a paradise for ski enthusiasts and a blessed place for ski competitions.
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Posted: Dec 21, 2023
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Wulian Mountain Ski Resort (Sliding Grass Field)

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