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Where to go for the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day? Hiking Wutai Mountain team with a super complete guide

🌟Shh~ Did you hear that? The footsteps of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching, are you guys ready to jump in? 🎉If you are passionate about hiking, then here is an opportunity not to be missed! 🌍Wutai Mountain, let you feel the satisfaction of reaching the summit, and meet new friends with the same interests! 💪 🌈Warm reminder: It is recommended that participants be between the ages of 6 and 65 ⭕Game upgrade: ✔Reasonable design: clockwise towards the platform, the itinerary is more reasonable, and hiking is easier ✔Easy itinerary: 3 days of light hiking more than 50 kilometers, easily complete the Big Five Chaotai ✔Internet celebrity check-in: Check in Taihuai Town's internet celebrity temple, feel the human history, and leave no regrets ✔Architectural national treasure: Follow the footsteps of Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng to find the Tang Dynasty architectural national treasure-Foguang Temple ⭕Itinerary highlights: ✔Cross the top of Taihang, the roof of North China ✔Admire cultural treasures, Buddhist holy land ✔Walk one of the "Top Ten Classic Hiking Routes in China"-Da Chaotai ✔Find the national treasure of the Tang Dynasty that has survived to this day-Foguang Temple ✔Stack a Mani pile on Wutai Mountain 🌟Selected delicacies: ✔Knife-cut noodles ✔Pingyao beef ✔Yomi korol 🍁Itinerary: ✅D1 Taiyuan gathering ✅D2 Taiyuan-Hongmen Rock-East Platform-North Platform-Bath Pool 👉Hiking: about 18km ✅D3 Bath Pool-Central Platform-West Platform-Lion's Den-Taihuai Town 👉Hiking: about 20km ✅D4 Jinge Temple-South Platform-Taihuai Town 👉Hiking: about 15km ✅D5 Taihuai Town-Foguang Temple-Taiyuan 🥰Equipment suggestions: Clothing: There is a large temperature difference between day and night in Wutai Mountain, so you must have warm clothes (thermal underwear, down jackets, etc.) Shoes and socks: Please wear shoes suitable for walking, such as hiking shoes, travel shoes, trail running shoes, etc. Luggage: Walk lightly throughout the journey, but please bring a backpack or a suitcase within 24 inches for travel Equipment: The scenic hotel does not match disposable items, please bring your own toiletries Sleeping bag: The accommodation conditions in Wutai Mountain Temple are simple, it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag liner to isolate dirt Medicine: The club has prepared commonly used external medicine, self-prepared for internal and special medicines Equipment: camera, mobile phone, charger, power bank, rain gear, headlight/flashlight Sunscreen: The ultraviolet rays on the mountain are strong, bring sunscreen, and play worry-free Lipstick: The wind on the mountain is strong, bring lipstick, and play worry-free Food: Foodies, prepare some snacks yourself! Others: ID card must be brought, various discount certificates 🥾Our hiking meal this time, welcome friends who want to challenge themselves to join! 🎒On this land with a long history, we will move forward, greet the magnificent natural scenery and the awakening of the heart. 🌄 🌟So, are you ready? Hurry up and join our hiking tour of Wutai Mountain, and enjoy the beauty of nature with like-minded friends, release your physical and mental power, and gain endless happiness! 🎉
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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