Traveling to Hungary is inseparable from the pursuit of the Princess of Sissi in the 19th century Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the Gedler Palace, which was the favorite holiday house of Princess Sissi, the tour guide described some unsatisfactory marriage history of Princess Sissi. . . . . . I sighed and sighed, and I couldn't help but think of Diana, the British Princess. . . . . . The stories in the fairy tale are deceptive, and the endings of happiness and happiness are fictional. . . . . . It is regrettable to enter the palace is not allowed to take pictures, but with a Chinese headset to explain. The in-house furnishings that I have seen now restore the decoration of the year as much as possible, exquisite and elegant. From the current point of view, it is not too extravagant, but very comfortable. The royal palace and the ceremonial hall are located in the main building. The palace of King Joseph is decorated with yellow paneling and gray silk wallpaper, which preserves many of Josephs and Sissis supplies and many precious portrait oil paintings. (This Princess Sissi is downloaded from the Internet). The Princess Sissi's suite is located on the second floor, and the walls and decorations have been painted as the favorite violet of her life. The garden behind the Gedler Palace has a large open lawn, with lavender lavender, hyacinths, daisies and other flowers planted intermittently. It is like a gouache in the blue sky and white clouds.
Blue Tulip