Trip Moments

The snow-capped ice waterfall seems to be far away from us, mostly far from the city, remote and remote, and the snow-capped mountains above 5000 meters above sea level are farther away. It takes about half an hour to drive from Menyuan County in Qinghai to reach the highest peak of the Qilian Shandong section - Gangshika Snow Peak. The Gushka snow peak is 5254.5 meters above sea level. The top of the mountain is covered with white snow all year round. It is the first of the mountains in the source. Climbing the snow-capped mountains is not for everyone, and the colorful ice waterfalls under the snow peaks are also beautiful natural landscapes. In the cold winter weather, the waterfall on the mountain was solidified, and the water was still flowing down. The car drives to the parking lot, next to the colorful ice waterfall, this ice waterfall is several hundred meters long, although the weather is cold, there is a fine stream of water. Under the sun, the icefall presents a faint blue color that looks more pure. The location of the ice waterfall is about 3600 meters above sea level. The air is thinner than the plain area. It may be slightly high, and it is enough to walk slowly. The scenic area is not big, it is enough to read in half an hour, and there are not many tourists in the winter. This is the first peak of the Xining Tourism Circle. It is one of the three mountaineering snow peaks identified by the Qinghai Provincial Mountaineering Management Center.