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New Providence,Recommendations
New Providence,Recommendations
It's hard to use words to describe the kind of shock I saw at first sight. I remember that I woke up very early that morning, because I slept for a dozen hours the day before, the best day to sleep in the United States, and then I couldnt sleep until three in the morning because it was the weather at sea in the midsummer night. Especially refreshing, sea breeze and sly, there is no such sticky and wet answer. I ran to the bow of the top of the deck, lying in the couch, staring at the vast sea, staying asleep and staying asleep. Then, I dont know how long its been awakened by some noises. I blinked and found that people around me, two and three, stared at the front, excited, looking up, the sun did not appear on the Haiping line, and the sky in the distance Hey, the thousands of lights in the distance are gradually becoming clear, like a pearl set in the blue sea, dazzling, and the sky from red to yellow to blue gradient, making people can not help but create an illusion. As if the pearl is floating in the air. A person looks at the scenery, don't know why, suddenly remembered the song, if one day, I have nothing to do, please bury me, this spring... I think if there is such a day, then I really want to come Here. Over the white lighthouse, in front of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. It is said that Nassau was a British settlement in the 1730s and developed into a larger town in 1660, when it was called "Charlestown". Named after the name of the British Prince Nassau (Nassau) in 1690, the city was formally established in 1729.