Trip Moments

Shandan Army Racecourse, across the Gansu and Qinghai provinces, adjacent to the three cities and six counties, is the largest in Asia, the world's second largest military horse farm, the original first military horse farm after the disintegration of the Soviet Union River Hippocampus, occupying the world's first position. Its history can be traced back to the 121 years before the park. It was founded by the generals of the Western Han Dynasty. It is now the largest military horse breeding base in China and even the world. The main "Shandan" horse is a rare breed in China. Here can travel, camping, watch horse riding competitions, watch the horses on the prairie here, the hair color is shiny, the body is strong, the muscle contours are clearly visible, the local herders are riding horses, the horses are their main means of transportation, almost all horse riding. At the same time, it is also an ideal place to plug in film and television bases. There are more than 30 films including "Wrangler", "Menggen Flower", "Wencheng Princess", "Wang Zhaojun", "Peaceful Age" and "Red Kangbaiin". Shooting. The surrounding scenic spots include Grotto Gorge, Dahuanggou Canyon Forest Scenic Area, General Shijing District Traffic Information Shandan Military Horse Farm. The public transportation is not developed, and the distance between several factories is large. Shuttle bus is not convenient, it is recommended to drive by car or chartered. It is recommended to enter three games from the 227 National Road Biandukou, and then leave from Shandan County, the road conditions are better. Public Transportation 1. Wuwei City Circle Road Passenger Transport Center 11 per day