Le Mont-Saint-Michel,Recommendations
Mont Saint-Michel
France, Mont Saint-Michel, laughs at the tides and rises Mont Saint-Michel, and the friends call it the holy mountain. Say it is a mountain, you don't think that you go to the holy mountain, you can see the mountain view, the rolling hills, or the cloud sea ladder. wrong! The holy mountain is not the Five Sacred Mountains. Mont Saint-Michel is the third largest holy place in the Catholic Church except Jerusalem and the Vatican. In the 8th century AD, Cardinal Aube built a small church on the top of the mountain. In the period of 1211-1228, the Mayer's Monastery was built on the mountain. Sacred Mountain is not only a pilgrimage site for Catholics, but also a favorite of tourists. During the day, the holy mountain is surrounded by large sand mud. When the tide rises in the evening, the tide will flood the shoal of the holy mountain to the land, making the holy mountain an island. Island? During the day, the island looks very cold, but at night, this island has only a low-key share. wrong! The holy mountain is not an ordinary island. In the daytime, the holy mountain is also approachable, but in the evening, the holy mountain is absolutely proud of the rivers and lakes! Tourists from afar, this is the beautiful night view. The tide rises and falls brings beautiful scenery and also the outcome of the war. In the English-French Hundred Years War between 1337 and 1453, 119 French soldiers hid in the monastery on the hill and fought the British for 24 years! Because every time as long as it stays for a long time, the tide rises up, it will drown the British army to attack the mountain, which has won valuable rest time for the French defenders. In this protracted war, the Holy Mountain is the only place in France that has not fallen. Hugo once said that Mont Saint-Michel is as important to France as the pyramid to Egypt.
Diaoyutai Hotel Hangzhou
Pushing the heavy door of the Supreme River View Room, it is a huge space with a combination of Western and Chinese styles. The sensor lights are simple and different in shape, and the full viewing angle reflects bright and warm warm light. European-style sofas, Chinese-style coffee tables, small and exquisite mini-bars, exudes a solid wood atmosphere. There are three books on the square table, and the Japanese tea set on the coffee table is perfectly harmonious with the surrounding elegant environment. In addition to the hardware facilities to give you a profound impact, the soft service details are also intimate, truly people-oriented, customer first: 1 At the Diaoyutai Hotel, you absolutely do not have to worry about the location of the floor elevator where the room where you live is located. Because the hotel has carefully designed the mossy bonsai in the eye-catching position between the elevator and the aisle, no matter where you are in the hotel, you can find the elevator as long as you see such a bonsai. 2 As long as you use the room card to brush the door, the first layer of thick curtains automatically open, leaving the second layer of curtains to block the strong light for the guests. 3 Entrance to the entrance is more intimate: the red table on the left hand side, you can place the room card, not looking for it because of your own room card. On the right hand side, there is a Chinese-style seat to sit on the slippers. In addition to the umbrellas prepared by the hotel for the guests, the housekeeper area can also place clothes that need to be washed by the hotel. As long as you press the switch on the wall, the hotel housekeeper can not enter the household. extract. 4The cloakroom is divided into two sides, one side is the guest's own clothes, the other side is a bathrobe, an iron, an ironing board, a safe, it feels like a home, and it is a beauty with a multi-dress. Gospel. 5 dry and wet separation, full-automatic Kohler bathroom on the right hand side, full-length wash belt massage on the left hand shower, and an oversized round bathtub in the middle for a bath. Let me surprise. 6 Very retro symmetrical double hexagonal copper wash basin, double mirror, constantly reminding beauty to keep elegant. 7 The comfort of the hotel is not only reflected in the furniture or decoration, but even in the bathroom, the hotel designer provides the same bathing standards for the guests to enhance their quality. A collection of Australian organic skin care brand Appelles Little Black Bottle exudes the natural fragrance of plants. In line with the individual needs of modern people, the hotel has long been a simple place to stay, but has become a place of relaxation. The Supreme Seaview Room has specially opened a small bar area with four tea bags: Palace Pu'er, English Morning Tea, West Lake Longjing, Earl Grey. There are also filling drinks, bottled wine and so on. You can enjoy happy hours with your family without leaving the hotel. When staying at the Panhai Diaoyutai Hotel in Hangzhou, the best thing to do is not to roll the sheets, but to leave the hotel and just open the window to watch the sunrise and sunset. The gym and swimming pool on the B1 floor looks like me, a 20-meter heated indoor pool and a spa spray Jacuzzi. I am out there today. In a green plant wall, the sound of ticking, time passes, like a fish moving back and forth cheerfully.
Blue Tulip
Keshavdeo Temple
India Holi, the most atmospheric place in Mathura! Holiday is a very childlike festival, like the Spanish Tomato Festival, which is more like a child's invention of mischief. The children are most happy on the day of the Holi Festival. They can be justified with the water gun and the water polo ball. They are covered in color, one layer after another. The colored water is poured from the head to the foot and play happily. The most interesting thing is that mom and dad and uncle and aunt will join the "battle", even grandparents can not be spared, will be painted a color powder for everyone. Matura is the place where Christina was born, and Vrndavana is where he grew up in his childhood. People from all over India and around the world gather every year at Mathura Vrndavan to experience the essence of the Holi Festival on the soil of Christina's hometown. People relive the legend of Holi, which is related to Softa and Christina, and play the role of young Cristina with a cowgirl called gopis. The celebration of the Cristina-Bazem Monastery in Dwarkadis Monastery warm, often to celebrate a few days. Malat's "stick hit Holi Festival" is a very unique culture, derived from Christina's visit to his lover, Softa, in the village of Barsana, and Softa's female companion They talked and played, and they were driven out of the village. Every year, the men of Nandagang Village in Maratu visit the village of Barsana in groups to eat a stick. The women in the costumes are madly holding the stick, and the men are trying to protect themselves. Thousands of people watched and carnival in India's only soft temple, people hysterically sang Holi songs and danced while singing. The basic feeling of this fun play is love and dedication. Even today, romance can be smelled in the air of Christina's hometown. This feeling of romance and love is felt only by breathing the air here.
Phu Quoc Island,Recommendations
Ho Quoc Temple
One-day tour of Fuguo Island with super cabbage price Fuguo Island South Island can be described by cabbage price, the most impressive of which is Ho Quoc Pagoda (take its pronunciation, Chinese transliteration: Huguo Temple) It is one of the most worthwhile places to visit in Phu Quoc Island, because it is the largest temple built on the island and built towards the sea. It cost about RMB 24 million. The tall, white-looking Guanyin image is as high as the green hill behind it. The dragon-shaped murals built along the stairs are magnificent and magnificent. It is strictly forbidden to take pictures in the temple, and it is best not to take pictures of Buddha statues. Therefore, I basically dont take pictures of Buddha images in order to avoid the bad things happening. The other is TRANH STREAM Waterfall Park is located in the south of Phu Quoc Island. It is a free attraction. Most of them are locals and European and American tourists with picnic mats and food, chatting and picnicking on the big rocks near the waterfall. Although the waterfall in the waterfall park can't be compared with the yellow fruit tree, it has the beauty of a small and beautiful show. It is also a beautiful view of the trees and the flowing water. The air is also very fresh. After the visit, it is refreshing. Tips: The plants here are lush and have waterfalls. There are also many natural mosquitoes. Remember to apply anti-mosquito water in advance, as well as shoes that are non-slip and can be treaded. How to play: South Island Day Tour (including the trip to Waterfall Park and Huguo Temple) 12 (including lunch for 19). At the hotel reception, you can help book a day in advance.
Delicious and authentic Shahefen Village Shahe Powder Village is located on the side of Yuntai Garden, Baiyun Mountain, Guangyuan Middle Road, Guangzhou. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Fan Axiang, a shopkeeper of Xiaoyidian, who was called Yiheju in the northern suburbs of Guangzhou, saved a fainted old man who was a palace chef. One day, for the sick Axiang, he used Baiyun Mountain. The rice is soaked in spring water and ground into rice syrup. Then the rice syrup is placed on a bamboo stalk and steamed into a powdery skin. Then it is cut into strips, and then seasoned with sauce. After eating, Axiang is very ill, and then Shahe powder is prepared according to this method. Sold, and the reputation is loud. 2009 fried rice noodles was rated as one of the world's top ten foods by the Los Angeles Times. At the end of 2011, traditional hand-made Shahe powder was selected as the fourth batch of intangible cultural heritage in Guangdong Province. After the liberation, Yiheju and several restaurants in Shahe Town merged into the Shahe Hotel, which is one of the designated special hotels in Guangzhou. In 2003, it was handed over to Yaohua Food Group Shahefen Village. . If you want to eat authentic Shahe powder, I recommend you must come here to try it, in addition to the river powder, there are white clouds and chicken feet, white brine palm and roast goose are also delicious. Price: Per capita consumption is 55 yuan, and 10% service charge is required for weekends and holidays.
Robson Street
The city of Vancouver enjoys cherry blossoms in spring Vancouver is known as the capital of cherry blossoms. It is said that there are more than 50 cherry blossom varieties and 40,000 cherry trees. From the middle of March to the beginning of May, Vancouver is the season of cherry blossoms. It is a good time to enjoy cherry blossoms at this time, because there are cherry trees on both sides of the street, subway stations, large and small parks or botanical gardens. The scene is very amazing. Walking on the street, when the wind blows, the cherry blossoms flutter like a snow flake, and it feels very romantic. One of the recommended cherry blossom spots in downtown Vancouver: ROBSON STREET in downtown DOWNTOWN and HARO STREET in the next door. Take the number 5 bus and get there at ROBSON STREET. HARO ST. is a street next to ROBSON ST. It is a residential area with English villas and apartment buildings. The road is lined with white dyed Yoshino Sakura, which is good for cherry blossoms in the city. The place, tired, can have an afternoon tea in the cafes on both sides of the road, sitting in the wind blowing from the beach outdoors, watching the cherry blossoms fall, very comfortable. Remind everyone to pay attention to traffic safety, do not take pictures and walk to the middle of the road. Two of the recommended cherry blossoms in downtown Vancouver: the single lane of the DAVIE STREET inner street in the city center. The roads are also a lot of cherry blossoms that are already in full bloom. Because it is a single lane, it is relative to the front location. Say people and cars are less, see a lot of locals walking here, walking dogs and squatting BABY, haha.
Dubai Marina
Take Abbra to Dubai's Gulangyu heavy gold market, the spice market intersection, facing the Dubai Marina at the Abbra ferry. Dubai Creek is still the place to experience the pulse of Dubai and the birthplace of Dubai history. The best way to feel the local culture is to take a water meter ride or abbra like a local. As a public transport service, the abbra boat has been staggered across the wide Dubai Bay for centuries. With only 1 dirham, you can linger in the mother river of Dubai and experience the source of Dubai's prosperity. Through Abbra on the water, the two sides of Dubai Creek can see the contrast between the city and the old. On one side is a glass curtain wall, a modern building complex composed of skyscrapers. On the other side, it seems to go into another era, another place. In addition to the traditional wind towers, you can also see the domes and spires of some mosques. This is a typical Middle Eastern feature, whether it's a beach, a coral reef, or a white building that can be seen everywhere. The water in Dubai Bay is crystal clear, and a pure blue stretches in both directions. Dubai Creek looks a lot like a river, but in fact it is a bay that reaches into the inland. This is the waters of the Indian Ocean connected to the Gulf of Oman in the Strait of Hormuz. There were boats passing by quietly, and the seagulls were flying on the water, which was beautiful. There are cities in the endless desert, rivers in the city, and the stimulation of sand in the desert. Now I look at the sea in front of me so quietly that there is always an unreal feeling.
Shirley Zhu
Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
Sanding - speed and passion in the desert come to Dubai, you must experience the coolest activity here to experience the unique Arabian style. Before the official sanding, all the drivers began to deflate the car tires to improve the ability of the off-road vehicle to grab the ground in the desert, and then we can get off the car and shoot freely. End of deflation, sand began officially! The driver deliberately tuned the volume of the car speaker and played a particularly intense Arabic-style music. We guessed that he must have been fed up with us all the time, haha! Then with the ups and downs of the sand dunes, the vehicle accelerates uphill, downhill, drifts without warning, and the tail flies back and forth. Every driver who drives sand has extraordinary driving skills and is especially admired. Our group of people was swayed in the car, and even if they accidentally hit the ceiling, they didn't mind, yelling excitedly. The end of the sanding, the driver will stop in the middle of the desert, then there will be about 30 minutes to freely take photos in the desert. You can take pictures of other vehicles that are in the sand. The background of the desert is rather succinct and simple, so just take a shot, it is a piece of car advertising. Tip: The desert sand is very large, it is best not to change the lens, telephoto is a suitable focal length. Walk on the sand ridge of spun yarn, such as cotton. Don't have a feeling. Under the foot is a warm earth, and step on the steep surface of the sand dunes. The fine sand pours down like mercury. In Dubai, I met a cloudy desert, and the heavens and the earth did not have the sunset setting, which seemed even more silent.
Shirley Zhu
Liuyue Museum
Liuyue Museum, a unique folk art tour Liu Yue Museum, rooted in the quiet and pleasant Jiangsu Lixiang. With an area of over 16,000 square meters, it is the largest folk museum in Jiangnan. Showcases tens of thousands of Chinese antique furniture and craft treasures. It was founded by American businessman Du Weiming. In the early 1980s, Du Weiming first came to China as an international student. Since then, Du Weiming has slowly collected Chinese folk crafts and some antique furniture. In the Liuyue Museum, all the artworks you see are telling its own story. In the Qing Dynasty, only the Gongmen could use copper nails. Ordinary people can only have two knockers that knock on the door. The ancient gates collected by the Liuyue Museum are some copper nails on the heavy door panels. Some are the beasts created by Seiko. Some are exquisite carving patterns, with a total of 1,200 large and small. The bright colors of the colorful wood carvings that once decorated the old houses and temples have been washed and mottled by the years, but the characters carved by the exquisite carvings still vividly tell us the loyal loyalists and talented people in the ancient opera myths. legend. Walk in the Liuyue Museum, from the canopy bed to the Taishi chair; from the palatial gold screen to the finely crafted four-person sedan; from the door god portrait to the wooden basket. . . Everything I saw in front of us made us dizzy and admire. Not only the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin feel the artistic atmosphere here, but also the sixth feeling of the person can be mobilized, so that the body and mind are happy. I finally understood the deep meaning of the museum's name "Six Yue".
Shirley Zhu
Wujiang District,Recommendations
Zhenze Ancient Town
A four-bowl of tea, let's go the shock on the tip of the tongue makes many people want to stop. Black bean curd and four bowls of tea are famous. Feel free to find a tea house along the river to rest at the roadside. The warm boss wife took out the characteristics of the ancient town of Zhenze - four bowls of tea. The so-called "four bowls of tea" is watery eggs, rice wine tea, smoked green bean tea, clear green tea, one by one, to experience the local simple folk style. Let me first talk about the first bowl of tea - the water and eggs, originally used to entertain the new son-in-law, and later evolved into a tea to entertain all the guests. The second bowl is rice cooker tea. It is said that this tea has hosted the Yongle Emperor. The third bowl is smoked green bean tea, and the end of the fragrance in the hands of a scent, gently sip a bite, clear and incomparable. The fourth bowl of green tea appeared, which functions as a warm and intestine. This last cup of tea can be drunk slowly until the meal is served and the meal begins. Four bowls of tea have their own flavors and need to be slowly. Zhenze people are very particular about eating. Pursuit of health and exquisiteness. It is said that many Shanghainese will come to Zhenze to buy food. Because it is grown here, the ingredients are fresh. Zhenze's mung bean soup, very ingeniously put lemon and mint leaves, giving the traditional mung bean soup a special clear and fragrant. A bowl of hot days, the most cool summer. Ancient door wall, wooden stairs, antique wooden windows, retro tables and chairs... In the ancient town of Zhenze, while savoring the specialties, the mind also passed through time and space and returned to the past years. Here, you can read the book and sing a dream about Jiangnan.
Shirley Zhu