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Port of Genoa
Barcelona Beach
Barcelona Beach
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Zhongshan Road Commercial Street
The famous Qingdao Central Commercial Street, Zhongshan Road, runs through the north and south, and it is like a historical stream. It has been flowing for hundreds of years in the hearts of old Qingdao people. Looking at today's bustling and clean commercial street, looking back at the century-old Zhongshan Road, the vicissitudes of life are amazing. The famous Qingdao Central Commercial Street, Zhongshan Road, runs through the north and south, and it is like a historical stream. It has been flowing for hundreds of years in the hearts of old Qingdao people. Looking at today's bustling and clean commercial street, looking back at the century-old Zhongshan Road, the vicissitudes of life are amazing. The footprint of Zhongshan Road in the first 50 years has been filled with the historical dust of the old times. After Germany occupied Qingdao, it once divided Zhongshan Road into two areas, European and Chinese, with the boundary of Baoding Road and Dexian Road as the boundary (the boundary stone of the year is now in the Qingdao Mountain Fortress Exhibition Hall), and the southern part is the European settlement, north. It is a Chinese-occupied area, and the pavement in the southern section is six meters wider than the northern section. Due to the difference of the living quarters, the commercial pattern of Zhongshan Road has formed a bureaucratic style between the foreign bank and the Chinese shop. On the eve of the liberation of Qingdao, the shops in Zhongshan Road still have such old scars . How to get there: bus 6 road; 8 roads; 221 roads; 228 roads; 231 road loops; 308 roads; 305 Road; 325 Road; 301 Road; 320 Road
Guilin Romance Park
The performances of the Guilin Qiangu scene area are also very rich. The performances of the pots outside the theater, the crowds onlookers are many, and the interaction is very high. Everyone seems to be infected. They dance around the circle and the scene is very lively. . There are also spectacular city gates in the scenic area. In fact, it is called Jingwangfu City Gate Building. It is copied and restored according to the first king of Guilin, the Jingwang Palace. It is quite a bit strong from below. The trend, the antique architectural style, seems to have passed through the ancient times, you must not forget that the slogan of the ageing scene is "Give me a day, still you a millennium", referring not only to the performances in the theater, but the entire scenic area will give you a ride. Wonderful experience. The performances in the scenic area are really wonderful. The performances in the Guilin Ages and Scenarios are somewhat different from those in the ageing scenes. The performances here are one after the other, with a seamless connection and the time spent with the performances of the ages. Together, so you don't have to worry about missing out on the show because of watching the show. The people watching the performance are surrounded by circles and circles. The special color of Guangxi is "A Three-playing Grandpa". It is a very interesting place. Now I can still remember the words of Ah San and the grandfather joking. It is very funny. . Guilin Eternal love, if you come to Yangshuo to play, don't miss this interesting place, highly recommended!
1933 Old Millfun
I like to have a taste of life. The 1933 old workshop was originally the original Shanghai Industrial Bureau, and it was transformed into a creative industrial cluster. It inherits the original structural system and spatial relationship. Due to its historical background and architectural qualities, it is endowed with Its unique charm. Witnessing the old industrial buildings, how to rebuild the building is regaining vitality in this era of artistic awakening. The building built in the year 1933 has a strange layout of space. The outer square is surrounded by four buildings in the southeast and northwest. The four-square factory building in the middle is connected by a staircase. The whole building is high and low, the corridors are hovering, the design is like a labyrinth, but the order is clear. The processing workshop adopts the beamless floor cover, which was a very advanced technology at that time. Photograph TIPS: turning corner: There are too many corners in the criss-cross space, standing at the corner, the photographer will feel very good from the overhead angle. High and low steps: As long as you pay attention to the horizontal and vertical composition, the photographer has a good visual effect from the opposite side or the low body. Black wooden door: A relatively clean background, you can take some emotional films. The corners with light: As long as there is light, the old workshop is very suitable for taking pictures with rich and dark layers. People should stand on the bright side. Other: in front of the lattice window
Midui Glacier
Sometimes it's too easy, maybe you can't take you anywhere! . . . In the afternoon, I went to the Mihei Glacier... This place, which was rated as one of the six most beautiful glaciers in China, made us lose two hours in the forest! ! TT Midui Glacier is located in Midu Village, Yupu Township, about 100km east of Bomi County, Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet. It is the most important oceanic glacier in Tibet and the lowest glaciers in the world. China National Geographic is rated as one of the six most beautiful glaciers in China. The main peak of the Mihe Glacier is 6800m above sea level, the snow line is only 4600m above sea level, and the end elevation is 2400m. The mountains on both sides are steep and steep, and the snow-capped mountains and clouds are intertwined. It is a dreamlike and amazing. Climbing an iceberg has certain requirements for physical strength. It is necessary to bring food, water and other supplies, and keep warm. The temperature is particularly high outside the shade of the tree, it is very dry! But when its going to the dark, its cold and you have to wear down, all the way off and wearing it! It is easy to catch a cold! It takes three hours to travel to and from the whole trip, considering the physical experience! There are small shops in the hills suggesting that there is enough dry food supplies to go up the mountain. Transportation: The Midu Glacier is close to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway and is convenient to enter. It can be used to charter a car from Bomi County or Ranwu Town for about 2 hours. It takes about 7km from the entrance of the scenic spot to the glacier, about 3 hours walk, and 20 minutes by car.
Yabuli Ski Resort
Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest training base for skiers in China! The winter training base of the National Polar Scientific Research Office is also located here The extreme minimum temperature here is -44 °C, the average temperature is -10 °C, the snow period is 170 days, and the skiing period is nearly 150 days. , The mid-November to the end of March is the best skiing time here. The snow center is divided into two major ski areas: one is the Yabuli Sports Ski Resort, which is mainly used for international and domestic competitions, and can also be used by middle and senior skiers; another area is Windmill Mountain Skiing The field is mainly used for skiing and general competition skiing for different levels of skiers. The advice that I have never slipped through the snow is to take a look at the coach. We are looking for a local big ticket, the ticket fee is 155 per person, the coach fee is 300 (still quite expensive) A: Although the ski resort is not allowed to collect tips, but several of us have been asked by the coach to tip after the end, let the original happy trip make some heart unhappy! In fact, you can not give it! But because I am very happy, I really don't want to destroy the atmosphere~ Later I summed up the experience: I don't need to ask the coach for the next time. I can temporarily find a coach to bring myself down when I slide down the mountain Just need 100 yuan to get it! I heard that the coach costs 300 yuan, the coach can only get 50 or so commission fees. Its no wonder that we are looking for a tip! (* ) Yabuli Ski Resort Traffic Train
Guangji Gate
Guangjimen City Tower was originally called Guangji Building, also known as Hanjiang Tower. Folkly known as East Gate Building, it is the most spectacular one among the seven ancient gates of Chaozhou Ancient City. At the same time, it is not only the main symbol of Chaozhou famous city, but also an important gate of Chaozhou North Dike City Dyke. Guangjimen Tower is a palace-style three-story mountaintop attic, imitation palace-style building, glass tile red wall, Zhuzhu lattice window, painted with carved beams, looks majestic. You can climb the tower and look up at the river opposite, and the scenery is spectacular. In Chaozhou, except for tricycles, the most common means of transportation is motorcycles. Two people who were full of panic and ran to the Guangji Bridge for a walk. If you want to visit Guangji Bridge during the day, you will be charged 50 yuan for a round trip to the bridge. Free for those over 60 years old. You can pay a fee to cross the bridge. I feel that there is not much need to waste this money. It is also good to see the scenery on the riverside. Guangji Bridge is the first open-closed stone bridge in China, also known as Xiangzi Bridge. Located outside the Guangji City Gate of the ancient city, it was built in Song Dynasty. It consists of a set of pavilions similar to pavilions. It is a typical Lingnan wind and rain bridge style. It is connected by a pontoon bridge. When a ship comes over, it can be untied for ships to pass. When there is no ship, it is connected for visitors to cross the road.