Group donates 3 million surgical masks to COVID-19 efforts

SHANGHAI, April 8, 2020 — Group, a worldwide leading online travel services provider, has to date donated a total of 3 million surgical masks worldwide to COVID-19 efforts as part of its global initiative announced on 18 March 2020.

Further to the initial round of donations, the initiative has since expanded to provide relief to over 25 countries including Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hungary, Croatia, and Chile, among others. Group sends donations of surgical supplies to dozens of countries across the globe (Pictured: supplies bound for Indonesia, Malaysia, Croatia, Vietnam).

Leading the initiative, Group Chairman James Liang says that the company hopes that the donations will provide relief worldwide, and encourage countries to work together to secure a victory for humanity.

“Many ways, to join one journey. Many origins, to reach one destiny. Many friends, to form one family. Many endeavors, to win one victory,” said Group Chairman James Liang. “It is crucial at this moment in the global fight against the pandemic that all countries come together and support each other, to secure a victory for humanity.”

“Going forward, we'll take this challenge in our stride, and lead the travel industry to flourish once again,” said Jane Sun, CEO of Group. “Let's continue to work together, to beat this challenge, and towards an exciting next step for the travel industry.”

The worldwide donation initiative is the latest in a series of actions taken by the online travel services provider to minimize impact, and beat the pandemic.

Since the initial outbreak in late January, the company has provided daily updates on travel restrictions and other key information via its International Traveler’s Guide, and extended the scope of its cancellation policies to include medical workers as well as those unable to travel due to restrictions and infection. The company also led a Safeguard Cancellation Guarantee industry initiative, which brought together hotels and airlines to ensure that its 400 million users worldwide have peace of mind in booking with Group platforms.

In response to the donation, representatives of recipient countries expressed gratitude and echoed the company’s call for solidarity. Group received a note of gratitude from the Office of the President of the Government of Spain (pictured).

In a letter to Group, Director of the Cabinet of the President of the Government of Spain Iván Redondo Bacaicoa showed appreciation for the company’s support on behalf of the President of the Government of Spain Pedro Sánchez. “On behalf of the President of the Government of Spain [...] I would like to convey our gratitude for this generous donation, and for your collaborative spirit in the face of the exceptional set of circumstances that our country is currently dealing with,” wrote Director of the Cabinet of the President of the Government of Spain Iván Redondo Bacaicoa. “We highly appreciate your actions.”

“Despite the challenges we’ve faced, our friends at Group, and members of society from all walks of life in China and Japan have come together to overcome the pandemic,” said Ambassador and Consul General of Japan in Shanghai Isomata Akio. “The strong ties and friendship that have been demonstrated over the past few months affirm my confidence in future co-operations between our nations.”

“These masks, donated by Group, will go directly to supporting those most vulnerable,” said Korean Red Cross President Kyung-seo Park. “We will do our best, with the help of Group, to overcome COVID-19 together.”

“Your special care and support is really moving, please allow me to thank you on behalf of those in need in Hungary. I wish all of us a quick recovery,” said Consul General of Hungary in Shanghai Szilard Bolla.

More recipients from the UK, Italy and France also expressed gratitude for the donation in March, and shared the company’s sentiment of uniting nations to overcome the present challenge.