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Top 6 Instagram-Worthy Locations in Beijing - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Beijing Xishan National Forest Park

    1,334 Reviews
    19.8km from downtown
    "For me, the best time to go there is during Winter for more picturesque view. Bring your passport."
    Highlights: Beijing Xishan National Forest Park is located in Xiaoxi Mountain in the western suburbs of Beijing. The scorpion pine is high and low with the ups and downs of the mountains. Under the background of blue sky and white clouds, the ancient pines are vigorous and vigorous, the tree shape is body-building, and the volley stretches the side branches, like a giant umbrella with a canopy; the young trees are lush and green, full of vitality; the ancient pine young forest is integrated, together with the wild plant family, firmly locked The salon. If you come here in the winter, it will make you feel refreshed and refreshed.
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  • No.2

    Galaxy SOHO

    166 Reviews
    2.8km from downtown
    Modern Architecture
    "Chaoyangmen SOHO is located in the prime location of Chaoyangmen in Beijing. It is the largest urban complex on the East Second Ring Road. It has a great location at the intersection of two subways. It is connected to many central government agencies and state core enterprises such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China Telecom, Bank of China, Sinopec, CNOOC, and Chinese Insurance. The construction area of the second phase is about 60,000 square meters (of which the above-ground commerce is about 1.1 10,000㎡, the above-ground convention is about 1.8 10,000㎡, the underground commerce is about 0.45 10,000㎡, and the underground parking space is about 600). It is the only commercial and office projects that can be invested in in bulk along the East Second Ring Road. The overall shape of the building is simple and restrained, which is very in line with the corporate culture and heritage of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, and is close to the new Beijing landmark designed by world-renowned architects Chaoyangmen SOHO Phase III, with great potential for appreciation. Close to the southwest corner of Chaoyangmen Bridge in the East Second Ring Road, Metro Line 2 and Metro Line 6 cross through, and the transportation network extends in all directions. The underground shopping street and the subway exit are directly connected, bringing a tide of people around the clock and enriching business opportunities. Fully renovated office space, eliminating the cumbersome decoration projects and decoration rent-free period, and achieving a faster return on investment. The 37-meter high school courtyard and the south-facing full curtain wall design lobby share space, reflecting the extraordinary atmosphere."
    Highlights: Galaxy SOHO is located at the southwest corner of Chaoyangmen Bridge on the East Second Ring Road in Beijing. It is a large-scale comprehensive project integrating commercial, entertainment and office areas. This graceful building creates a fluid and organic interior space and, with its unique exterior, has become a landmark in Beijing. The Galaxy SOHO night scene is particularly characteristic. The irregular lights of various layers converge into one, which is full of brilliance and dazzling.
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  • No.3

    Luo Hong Art Museum

    131 Reviews
    20.9km from downtown
    Fine Art Galleries
    "I highly recommend this museum for anyone who loves photography, nature, and swans. The photographs and achievements on display are awesome and the environment is very peaceful. You can also enjoy some lovely food or snacks in the cafe situated next to the garden area."
    Highlights: Luo Hong Photography Art Museum covers a wide area, including Luo Hong Photography Gallery, Black Swan Cake Art Museum and Oriental Garden Landscape Group. The exterior of the main building of the art museum is designed by Australian designers, while the garden landscape and interior design of the courtyard come from different designers from Korea and Japan, thus creating an art space with different atmospheres. The entrance of the art museum is designed for courtyard gardens, and it employs the heirs of well-known garden families in Korea and more than 30 traditional stonemasons from Shandong Province. The first floor of the Art Museum is the commercial area, including French restaurants, tea houses, coffee shops, Luo Hong art souvenir shop, and the flagship store of Hollyland Cakes. The design of the entire functional area has its own flavor, solemn and dreamy. The photography exhibition part of Luo Hong is at another entrance, and the exhibition hall of the art gallery is completely in a dark tone, and the large-scale photography works are particularly eye-catching under the reflection of spotlights.
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  • No.4

    Red Brick Art Museum

    362 Reviews
    17.3km from downtown
    Art Museums
    "a bit of drive out of the centre but very nice. not too big and alot of opportunities for photos."
    Highlights: The Red Brick Art Museum was founded by entrepreneurs and art collectors Yan Shijie and Cao Mei. It is located in the No.1 International Art District of Hegezhuang in the northeast of Beijing. The museum boasts of several facilities such as a reception hall, a display space, a leisure space for public education and also for kid activities. The main building of Red Brick Art Museum includes a space for art derivatives. It has a basement floor containing a projector room for videos. The campus of the building is ideal for art and literature enthusiasts as it has several clubs for members and many areas that provide useful support for artistic activities. It also has restaurants and cafes for families to relax, dine and have fun. There are also academic reporting halls where construction enthusiasts come to visit and study.
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  • No.5

    China Art Academe China Youhuayuan

    82 Reviews
    11.6km from downtown
    Modern Architecture
    Art Museums
    "The exotic style of Morocco's Chinese and Western fusion super mysterious low-key oil painting museum oil painting creation and research learning benchmark beautiful environment architectural style unique and pure artistic atmosphere The pure light of the white minimalist life of the main building blends with the building to produce pure beauty Sense"
  • No.6

    China Railway Museum East Suburb

    194 Reviews
    13.9km from downtown
    Memorial Halls
    "China Railway Museum (China Railway Museum) is located in Beijing, China National Specialized Railway Museum. There are three museums: Zhengyangmen Hall, Dongjiao Hall, Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall. Dongjiao Hall is located on the north side of No. 1 Courtyard, Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District. The Locomotive and Vehicle Exhibition Hall gathered and exhibited nearly 100 locomotive vehicles in different periods, types and formats of China Railway."
    Highlights:  The Eastern Museum of the China Railway Museum is located in Jiuxian Bridge, Chaoyang. It mainly exhibits locomotives and vehicles. A total of more than 50 locomotives were exhibited, among which the famous steam locomotive No. 0, which is the treasure of the town hall, was named after the great man, the "Mao Zedong" and "Zhu De". All kinds of locomotive exhibitions tell us the true history of the development of the railway.
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