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Top 10 Family Hotels in Beijing - 2023

Taking the kids on a getaway? These hotels are perfect for families.
Updated Sep 2023


What are some Family Hotels in Beijing?
Some Family Hotels in Beijing include:Grand Bay Hotel Beijing|The Universal Studios Grand Hotel|Zhaolin Grand Hotel|Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing|Narada Beijing Hotel
What are some highly-rated Family Hotels in Beijing?
Some highly-rated Family Hotels in Beijing include:Grand Bay Hotel Beijing:4.9|The Universal Studios Grand Hotel:4.6|Zhaolin Grand Hotel:4.9|Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing:4.7|Narada Beijing Hotel:4.7
At what locations in Beijing can Family Hotels in Beijing be found?
The Family Hotels in Beijing are mainly located in:Grand Bay Hotel Beijing:Beijing/Miyun reservoir|The Universal Studios Grand Hotel:Beijing/Guoyuan Traffic Circle, Tongzhou District|Zhaolin Grand Hotel:Beijing/Yizhuang Area|Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing:Beijing/Yanqing Resort Area|Narada Beijing Hotel:Beijing/Shahe University Town/Shangzhuang
How much do Family Hotels in Beijing cost per night?
Price per night for Family Hotels in Beijing:Grand Bay Hotel Beijing:From $ 238.00/night|The Universal Studios Grand Hotel:From $ 298.00/night|Zhaolin Grand Hotel:From $ 243.00/night|Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing:From $ 128.00/night|Narada Beijing Hotel:From $ 125.00/night
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