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Cultural Hotels
Top 12 Cultural Hotels

Top 12 Cultural Hotels in Beijing - 2023

Discover the essence of Beijing at cultural hotels, where heritage, authenticity, tradition, cultural immersion, and local experiences await. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Beijing's cultural heritage and create unforgettable memories.
Updated Sep 2023


What are some Cultural Hotels in Beijing?
Some Cultural Hotels in Beijing include:Aman Summer Palace|Waldorf Astoria Hutong Courtyard|Shiyuan Pusen Hotel|Manxin Beijing Qianmen Courtyard Hotel|Memory Hotel
What are some highly-rated Cultural Hotels in Beijing?
Some highly-rated Cultural Hotels in Beijing include:Aman Summer Palace:4.8|Waldorf Astoria Hutong Courtyard:4.6|Shiyuan Pusen Hotel:4.8|Manxin Beijing Qianmen Courtyard Hotel:4.9|Memory Hotel:4.7
At what locations in Beijing can Cultural Hotels in Beijing be found?
The Cultural Hotels in Beijing are mainly located in:Aman Summer Palace:Beijing/Zhonguancun Area|Waldorf Astoria Hutong Courtyard:Beijing/Tian'anmen Square and Wangfujing Area|Shiyuan Pusen Hotel:Beijing/Yanqing Resort Area|Manxin Beijing Qianmen Courtyard Hotel:Beijing/Qianmen, The Temple Of Heaven and Chongwenmen|Memory Hotel:Beijing/Changping Town/Shisanling Resort
How much do Cultural Hotels in Beijing cost per night?
Price per night for Cultural Hotels in Beijing:Aman Summer Palace:From $ 1,298.00/night|Waldorf Astoria Hutong Courtyard:From $ 770.00/night|Shiyuan Pusen Hotel:From $ 236.00/night|Manxin Beijing Qianmen Courtyard Hotel:From $ 161.00/night|Memory Hotel:From $ 193.00/night
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