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Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Heqing - 2024

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Heqing. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jun 2024
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    ""Specially brought children to play, dinosaur ruin park and dinosaur park are very fun, during the Spring Festival, there are many people, because I went early, I came in as soon as I opened the park. Every project is also acceptable in line, and the children are very happy!""
    >100km from Heqing
    Highlights: The Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley is a large-scale, dinosaur-themed cultural tourism park. It is located on Konglong (Dinosaur) Mountain in Chuanjie Township's Ana Village within Chuxiong Prefecture's Lufeng County. This is a place where the kingdom of dinosaurs, the world of the Jurassic age and the rise and fall of the planet's amazing creatures can be experienced. Dinosaur Valley is divided into two major areas: the “Dinosaur Dig Scientific Research Area” and the “Jurassic World Tourist Area.” The Dinosaur Dig has more than 60 Lufengosaurus skeletons, which have been pieced together by teams of paleontologists. It is very spectacular. In the tourist area, visitors can learn a great deal about the life dinosaurs led hundreds of millions of years ago. There are a large number of artificially constructed waterfalls, rivers, lakes and a vast number of Jurassic-era plants.
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    ""Really in the hot springs in the mountains and forests. There are a lot of people. It is more convenient to eat. It is recommended to go. It is expected to be an hour drive from Kunming. We traveled from Kunming and left a day alone. Friends who have time can go there.""
    >100km from Heqing
    Highlights: Anning City is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of the Kunming municipality. It is also considered the home of hot springs, among the most well-known is the Jinfang Forest hot Spring. The environment here is exhilarating, the many and varied soaking pools surrounded by forests, and even including a children's pool with dinosaurs, octopuses, a pirate ship, a giant turtle, and other attractions kids love.
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    ""It is incomparable with the sea world in coastal cities, but it is a good place to have such a place in the interior to let children know about real marine life. There are three floors, and you can basically see all the venues in an hour. The performance has mermaid (diving) performances and sea lions and dolphins performances. The time can be seen in the picture. The performance content is not bad, but the time is a bit short.""
    Dali.Haidong Town/Ideal City
    98.7km from Heqing
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    ""Northerners enter the Southern Botanical Garden, amazed, one step at a time, well designed, there are many small squirrels, peacocks, you can also feed fish, ducks, ospreys, rabbits, ostriches, etc., the baby likes running water, water pipes, fountains, strolling inside for two hours""
    Dali.Cangshan Scenic Area
    >100km from Heqing
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    "Dalushui Village, a hidden paradise nestled in Yunnan, China, enchants with its serene charm and lush landscapes. The village, embraced by emerald-green rice terraces, offers a captivating retreat where time seems to slow down. With its traditional architecture and the soothing melody of flowing water, Dalushui emerges as an idyllic haven, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in its tranquil beauty."
    Ninglang.Lugu Lake Daluoshui Wharf
    >100km from Heqing
    Highlights: Daluoshui Village is also known as simply Daluoshui. It is located on the banks of the Lijiang River near Lugu Lake. It was one of the first villages near Lugu Lake to be developed for tourism. As the facilities here are comprehensive, including many guesthouses, inns and shops, transportation options are well developed, traveling from Daluoshui onwards to any of the lakeside’s various scenic areas is quite convenient. With its strong Mosuo style flavor, this village is often the first stop for many visitors to Lugu Lake. Some tourists also choose to spend the night (or several nights) here. Every day they can stroll along the peaceful lakeside.
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    ""Very great place, highly recommended. I came by bike from the ancient city of Dali. It took about 20 minutes. The roses slowly opened this season. The whole manor was also very beautiful and attentive. The scenery of Cangshan was also very good. It was unobstructed and super filming.""
    Dali.Upper Section of the Erhai Lake Ecological Corridor
    89km from Heqing
    Highlights: Huaban Lifetime Rose Manor is located next to the Erhai Lake. It is a manor mainly planting roses. It adopts organic planting and is built in full accordance with the manor owner's own manor dream. The overall park is divided into viewing area, experience area, entertainment area, and dining area. In different functional areas, you can personally participate in making rose-related gifts, such as rose flower cakes, rose sauce, floral paper, rose lipstick, etc., to benefit your body and mind and experience the joy of handmade.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Heqing?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Heqing include:Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley, Jinfang Forest Hot Spring, Dalihaiyang World, Dalicang Mountain Botanical Garden, Daluoshui Village
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Heqing?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Heqing include:Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley:4.4, Jinfang Forest Hot Spring:4.5, Dalihaiyang World:4.4, Dalicang Mountain Botanical Garden:4.5, Daluoshui Village:4.6
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Heqing located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Heqing are mainly located in:Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley:Lufeng, Jinfang Forest Hot Spring:Anning, Dalihaiyang World:Dali, Dalicang Mountain Botanical Garden:Dali, Daluoshui Village:Ninglang