Cheap Train Tickets in Europe

Cheap Train Tickets in Europe

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Trains in Europe

Whether you're looking to explore the countryside, travel between cities, or cross borders, trains in Europe offer a convenient and comfortable way to get around. We provide live and up-to-date train information for Europe, the UK, Italy, Spain, follow us to learn more.

Popular European Train routes

RouteFastest Journey TimeLowest Price
London - Manchester2h 7mUS$12.42
London - Edinburgh (Waverley)4h 20mUS$25.34
Manchester - London2h 7mUS$13.05
Glasgow - London4h 32mUS$28.65
Birmingham - London1h 19mUS$8.15
London - Birmingham1h 16mUS$8.15
Rome - Milan2h 52mUS$45.71
Milan - Rome2h 56mUS$52.07
Madrid - Barcelona2h 30mUS$31.83
Barcelona - Madrid2h 30mUS$28.01

How to Book Cheap Train Tickets

There are some tips to save on your train fare, such as booking in advance, travelling off-peak, taking slow or regional trains, using Railcards, and taking advantage of discounts. With these tips, you can buy cheap train tickets and enjoy your train journey.

Book in advance

Book in advance

Advance tickets are usually available for purchase 12 weeks before your travel and save an average of 61% on your tickets.

Travel during off-peak time

Travel during off-peak time

Off-Peak fares are cheaper tickets for travelling at less busy times during weekdays, and all day on weekends.

Consider regional trains

Consider regional trains

Regional trains in Europe are cheaper than high-speed trains. Consider taking them to save money if you have a flexible schedule.

Discounts at

Discounts at frequently offers promotions and discounts, so follow us to stay updated on train fares.

FAQs About Train Tickets in Europe

  • What is the cheapest way to travel Europe by train?

    Train passes are great if you're planning to travel between cities or countries for several weeks or months at a time. Additionally, booking in advance, travelling off-peak, taking slow or regional trains, and taking advantage of discounts can also help you save on train fare.
  • How much does a Europe train pass?

    The prices of the Eurail Global Pass are based on age groups, starting from: Youth from €21, Adults from €283, and Seniors from €255. The prices of the Eurail One Country Pass also vary depending on your age group, starting from €105. For more information on other types of Europe train passes, please visit our website at
  • Do UK citizens need Interrail or Eurail?

    Interrail. UK resident can still buy and use one as normal after Brexit. A Eurail Pass can only be used by non-European citizens or non-European residents. European citizens can use an Interrail Pass instead, available from our for the same price as a Eurail Pass.